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Not to be confused with the real thing: American Majority

October 28, 2011 in Conservative Nonsense, Corporate Greed, Wall Street

Another Trojan Horse, fake “grassroots” corporation  supported by the Koch Brothers and pulled along by the wealthy conservative minority and their gullible serfs rolled onto the American landscape in 2008.

According to my estimation, this group does not represent the American Majority although it claims to be a nonpartisan political training organization.

It provides political training to conservative activists and candidates in state and local elections. American Majority was founded in 2008 by Ned Ryun, a former presidential writer for George W. Bush and the son of former Republican U.S. Congressman Jim Ryun. Headquartered in Purcellville, Virginia, the organization trains across the country with staffed offices in Oklahoma, Wisconsin, Illinois, Florida, and Texas. Until the spring of 2011, American Majority also operated state offices in Arkansas, Kansas, Minnesota, and Missouri. [Source: WIKI]

The organization’s main focus is training. Offering three “tracks” including activists, candidates and college students, American Majority seeks to transition the tea party movement from protests to local activism. Trainings cover a variety of topics from the history of our political system to effective ways to campaign online,

Anyone who thinks that the Tea Party is not a political sub-party of the Republicans is seriously delusional.


American Majority has very direct connections with the Koch brothers. 

On a Saturday morning, in March of 2009, about 35 citizen activists and want-to-be activists met at the offices of Americans For Prosperity in Wichita for training provided by American Majority.

The training covered traditional topics and factors in political activism such as coalitions, holding events, the structure of government in Kansas, and holding elected officials accountable. Then the focus shifted to recent developments in activism such as blogs, wikis, and social media like Facebook.

American Majority is registered as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Legally the organization is only able to keep this status by not explicitly endorsing any party or candidate, though the organization openly admits its conservative views and “identifies” conservative candidates for its members.

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    Tea Party Koch-backed Americans for Prosperity attempt to suppress votes in Wisconsin

    August 4, 2011 in Wisconsin

    Now that it looks like the Koch brothers will lose control of Wisconsin in the recall of Republican officials and thus their planned eventual takeover of the utilities in that state via a free gift from Scott Walker and his maniacal bunch of Republican thugs, Americans for Prosperity (AFP) (the Koch front group that has bankrolled the Tea Party movement) is so desperate that they have committed voter suppression.

    Several source on the Internet including the Huffington Post and Politico report that the AFP are sending absentee ballot application forms out to Democratic voters with incorrect information on it.  The form instructs voters to mail the application back to the wrong address.

    A copy of that absentee ballot that was sent out by Americans for Prosperity was obtained by Politico.


    iflizwerequeen comments

    Lesson learned: Any information that you receive from Americans for Prosperity should be thrown in the trash.  I’ve been reporting on that group for three years.  They are horrible.  They may as well be named “The Koch Brothers Advertising Agency.”

    This group was captured on video high-fiving one another and laughing when the news was announced that the USA lost the bid for the Olympics–a win that would have immediately infused about $4 billion into our economy and resulted in the immediate hiring of at least 4,000 workers.  These people are not for the prosperity of all Americans–just that of the Koch Brothers and other billionaires and millionaires.  They are despicable kochroaches.

    Phillips has a long career as a conservative operative

    Timothy R. (Tim) Phillips is the president of Americans for Prosperity and the Americans for Prosperity Foundation. He became president in 2006. He was formerly Vice President of Century Strategies, a political and corporate consulting firm. Tim Phillips is in fact Right-Wing Operative. Before replacing Koch Industries lobbyist Nancy Pfotenhauer as president of Americans for Prosperity, Timothy R. Phillips had a long career as a conservative operative. In 1992, Phillips managed Rep. Bob Goodlatte’s (R-VA) first Congressional campaign and served as his chief of staff for four years.

    Connections with Ralph Reed and sleazy ad campaigns

    In 1997, Phillips co-founded public relations firm Century Strategies with Ralph Reed . There, Phillips oversaw “direct mail, telemarketing, coalition building and strategic services” for the 2000 and 2004 Bush for President campaigns, and specialized in “grasstops” operations to establish fake grassroots organizations. Among their “triumphs” was the 2002 smear campaign of Max Cleland. Tim Phillips was behind the 2002 TV ad for Saxby Chambliss that falsely portrayed his opponent Max Cleland a Vietnam vet with no legs and one arm as “not having the courage to lead.”

    Connections to Jack Abramoff and Abuse of Chinese Workers
    In 1998, now disgraced lobbyist Jack Abramoff hired Phillips’ firm to pressure members of Congress to vote against legislation that would have made the U.S. commonwealth of Northern Mariana Islands subject to federal wage and worker safety laws.

    A federal report “found that Chinese women were subject to forced abortions and that women and children were subject to forced prostitution in the local sex-tourism industry.”Nonetheless, Phillips sent out mailers claiming Chinese workers “are exposed to the teachings of Jesus Christ” while on the islands, and many “are converted to the Christian faith and return to China with Bibles in hand.” The mailers then encouraged the recipients to contact lawmakers and ask them to oppose the Marianas labor reform legislation.

    The Marianas stealth lobbying effort was not the only time Phillips worked with Abramoff. Reed and Phillips conspired to generate conservative Christian outrage towards gambling at Indian casinos in a cynical plot to encourage those same tribes to hire Abramoff to lobby on their behalf. While Phillips and Reed postured to be motivated by anti-gambling Christian values, the pair are alleged to  have helped launder lobbying money from an Abramoff Internet gambling client called eLottery.


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      Before Jumping on a Bandwagon, find out who is really driving it.

      April 7, 2011 in Class War, Propaganda

      Many groups are given such positive names–and that’s the point.  Part of their purpose is to intimidate those who might dare to disagree.  WHAT! you are against prosperity for Americans!  Are you a communist?


      Americans for Prosperity [Well, for heaven's sake, who isn't for prosperity?  how could be be against such a group as that?]  This group is actually a front group that is totally funded by the Koch Industries.  In my opinion they would best be described as a hate group whose primary purpose is to disseminate misinformation and half-truths.  This group was captured on video high-fiving one another and laughing when the news was announced that the USA lost the bid for the Olympics–a win that would have immediately infused about $4 billion into our economy and resulted in the immediate hiring of at least 4,000 workers.  These people are not for the prosperity of all Americans–just that of the Koch Brothers and other billionaires and millionaires.]

      Patriot Act [Well if you are against that legislation , then you must be a traitor, or a terrorist.]  This bill actually restricts a lot of rights that were established in our Constitution and Bill of Rights.  In addition it provides loopholes that allow sale of American property and land to foreign dictators like Mubarak.

      Americans for Job Security [Well heck, who isn't for job security?  Yes it sounds good until you find out that  the American Insurance Association founded the group by providing $1million in seed money. Then you learn that Dave Carney who heads up ASJ is currently the chief political adviser to Texas governor Rick Perry and that Carney is also the former political director for President George H.W. Bush. Some have observed that Carney is "a master at the bare-knuckle politics that put former associates like Lee Attwater and Roger Ailes on the map .  Then you read more and you find out that In 2002, for example, AJS ran over $1 million in ads attacking Democrat Jeanne Shaheen, who was running for the US Senate from NH in opposition to Republican John Sununu. In the 2008 rematch between Shaheen and Sununu, AJS again funded ads attacking Shaheen.] Then you realize:  ASJ is a right-wing political front group that has very little to do with providing job security for Americans like you and me.

      FreedomWorks [Well heck who isn't for freedom?  Of course what Dick Armeny and his right-wing fanatical  John Birch Society buddies don't mention is that they mean their freedom--not yours and mine. FreedomWorks has also received funding from Verizon and SBC (now AT&T). Other FreedomWorks funders have included Philip Morris and foundations controlled by the Scaife family, according to tax filings and other records. It also receives funding through the sale of insurance policies through which policyholders automatically become members of FreedomWorks. FreedomWorks is closely tied to its founder, corporate lobbyist and former Republican Congressman Dick Armey, whose former lobbying firm DLA Piper from which he resigned in August 2009, represents Bristol Myers Squibb, among other pharmaceutical companies. The Koch family foundations were the largest donors to FreedomWorks' parent organization, Citizens for a Sound Economy, contributing nearly $13 million between 1985 and 2005.]



      We are lucky to live in the age of the WWW and especially WIKI.  Whenever  you see something that is put out by an organization–look them up.  Find out when they were founded and by whom.  You might be surprised.

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        Newspeak Propaganda–Just another way to dupe ordinary Americans

        April 7, 2011 in Propaganda

        Newspeak is a language described in one of George Orwell’s books. Newspeak is closely based on English but has a greatly reduced and simplified vocabulary and grammar.  It is designed to facilitate thought control and to make any form of alternative thinking that is contrary to party line impossible by removing any words or possible constructs contrary to the party ideology.


        Jobless Recovery is one example of Newspeak that has appeared in our language over the past two years. It’s a way of communicating that the rich have recovered but the majority have not and making it sound like a good thing for everyone.

        Another example of Newspeak is in the naming of bills and organizations.  For example, we have “Americans for Prosperity” which is a group that is totally funded by the Koch Enterprises.  This group is anything but “Americans for Prosperity.”  Perhaps “the upper 1% for Prosperity” or perhaps “The Koch Brothers for the Koch Brothers Prosperity.”  This bunch of yahoos actually cheered and high fived each other when the news was announced that the USA had lost the bid to have the Olympics in Chicago–a bid that would have immediately infused several billion dollars and at least 10,000 jobs into our demolished economy.

        Patriot Act is perhaps the most shining example of a Newspeak application to the naming of a bill.  Patriot–my foot!  Traitor Act would be a more fitting and descriptive title for this bill.

        Many Americans believe that the “Patriot Act” was a great law when in fact it is a piece of legislation that shreds some of our rights as guaranteed by the Constitutions and enables criminals from foreign countries to take advantage of our nation’s wealth. All of the laws passed during the Bush administration need serious review and revision as most of them violate our Constitutional Rights.

        Due to the Treasury’s Patriot Act loopholes, US realtors and escrow agents aren’t required to ask who is sending funds to them or to scrutinize or disclose whether the sender is on an international list of “politically exposed persons” (PEP) who have been red-flagged for dubious activities. That exemption, the report shows, allowed Teodoro Obiang, the high-flying son of the despotic president of Equatorial Guinea, to use realtors and escrow agents as conduits to dodge US law—ultimately enabling Obiang to buy a $38.5 million jet and a $30 million house in Malibu. MORE

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          Latest Update from Wisconsin

          March 11, 2011 in Class War

          MADISON, Wis. (AP) — Wisconsin labor advocates are preparing for tomorrow’s rally in Madison and shifting their focus to court challenges and recall efforts. Yesterday, the Wisconsin Assembly passed an explosive bill taking away most public workers’ collective bargaining rights. Gov. Scott Walker says he’ll sign the legislation as quickly as possible.   [I'll bet he will.]



          First of all, I hope that the majority of people who work for a living have learned valuable lessons from this:  The rich can do whatever the hell they want to in the USA.  They can figure out any kind of a work-around to any law they want to, whether it is murders committed with the permission of leadership of corporations, or passing laws that give away public utilities to multi-billionaire puppeteers such as David Koch.

          Although, in this instance, the Democrats did represent the people by leaving the state and allowing time for this issue to be discussed, not only by the people of Wisconsin but also by the USA at large, I hope that the majority will remember that we still have one party–the party of, by and for the rich first.  The Democrats are merely the lessor of two evils.  They are the valve for letting off steam in order to maintain the status quo and the rule of the rich.

          I hope that the leaders of unions have learned enough lessons in the past two years from how they have been mistreated by the Obama administration to permanently and finally turn their backs on the Democratic party and assist in their local communities in raising up Independent candidates to fight against BOTH parties.

          And last of all, I hope that ordinary Americans on main street are finally seeing that Democrat Republican/Tea Party are the same thing.  I hope that Americans turn away from  party AND from the insidious influence of mainstream propaganda. I was once a news junkie who watched all the mainstream media channels.  For the past six months, I’ve turn on my television about 10 times.  AND YOU KNOW WHAT?  I know more about what is REALLY happening in the world that I ever did when I was watching the corporate propaganda.


          QUEEN’S ADVICE

          Stop looking for the truth from corporate owned media.  You won’t be finding it there. Fox News, like the Republican leadership is the worst most blatant abuser.  However NBC and the other mainstream media channels, like the leadership of the Democratic Party, are almost as bad.

          Stop looking for representation of the majority from EITHER party.  Both parties play a game of good cop/bad cop to ensure maintenance of the status quo for the rich.

          I hope that Unions will help the majority of Americans in supporting and promoting real independent candidates from Main Street who don’t take a dime from any corporate interest or front group for them such as “Americans for Prosperity.”

          Americans should thank Scott Walker, the Wisconsin Republican Senators and David Koch because their antics just may have awakened the majority of Americans in time to do something about thugs like them in 2012.

          Proclaim the Queen!

            David Koch and Rupert Murdoch have plenty of water boys like Scott Walker

            February 27, 2011 in Class War, Mainstream Media, Uncategorized

            David Koch and Rupert Murdoch have conspired with Scott Walker against the workers of Wisconsin and indeed against the workers of the USA.

            As part of AlterNet’s coverage of the Kochs and Murdoch over the last two years, they reported how Koch’s Americans for Prosperity Foundation synced an annual conference with Glenn Beck’s rally last summer at the Lincoln Memorial, offering discounted hotel rooms and bus travel to attendees, as well as day-long shuttle service between the conference hotel and the rally.

            Perhaps you remember the collusion reported between Americans for Prosperity and Fox News in creating the furor that pushed Van Jones from the White House.

            You may also recall our report on a 2009 Americans for Prosperity Foundation conference at which one-third of the speakers on a 15-speaker plenary agenda were on the payroll of a Murdoch entity. Two of those speakers, John Fund and Stephen Moore, hail from the Wall Street Journal; Moore sits on the newspaper’s editorial board. So it should come as no surprise to find both Fund and Moore carrying Koch’s water in this fight.

            MORE AT ALTERNET



            I too have spent the last three years reporting on the antics of David Koch and his propaganda mill known as “Americans for Prosperity.”  This is the same bunch of greedy bastards who cheered when the USA lost our bid to host the Olympics in Chicago.  Winning that bid would have immediately created thousands of jobs for Americans and would have ultimately infused our economy with billions of dollars and these pigs cheered and high-fived one another when they heard the news.  There are YouTube videos of them doing it.

            RE DAVID KOCH

            Freedom for Koch

            Scott Walker is Nothing but another Sock Monkey Jerk for the Rich

            Koch Whore:  Wisconsin Gov Scott Walker

            Look who’s behind the “over 50 Tea Party leaders who signed Gingrich’s petition supporting Walker

            The American workers have been serfs of wealthy Wall Street Investors for over 30 years

            Short Term Solutions Sought today by City and State Governments will make serfs of the majority

            Alfred E. Newman Economics of the Rich

            Mouse King Koch Gets Booed at the Ballet


            If you earn less than $250,000 a year and consider yourself a member of the Tea Party, consider this!

            David Koch and the GOP/Tea Party notion of Freedom

            Meet ALL the Brothers Koch:  two of them have fun and two of them fund the Tea Party

            The Rich would have you believe that serfdom results from “big government” when in fact they are the ones promoting serfdom.

            From the Koch Brother’s Viewpoint:  You have the freedom to work for nothing.

            Not everyone has bought the Koch-sponsored Tea Party claptrap

            If Tea Party Members would only take five seconds to consider the source of their movement: David Koch, Dick Armey, Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck

            Tell the simple truth and drown out the BS from Tea Party Side-Show Bobs bought and paid for by the Rich

            Maybe someday ordinary Americans will wise up to the frauds that the Rich perpetuate against them such as the Tea Party Movement.

            Koch Brothers:  Bus your Tea Party members down to the Gulf to Clean up the BP spill

            The Tea Party has Joseph Stalin to thank for its existence.


            The Organ Grinder Man is Cranking up his Monkeys


            Tim Phillips, “Mr. Americans for Prosperity”

            Speaking about fake grassroots, how about those “faces of coal

            Look at the vile propaganda that David Koch helps to fund and promote

            Meet one of the Architects of the Corporate Nation:  David Koch

            RE:  RUPERT MURDOCH

            More cracks in the dam of the rich.  Murdoch isn’t able to smooth over his hacking for news.

            The top 25 Most powerful people on the Planet [Murdoch is 13th]

            What has Rupert Murdoch, propaganda empire kingpin done to the Wall Street Journal in the past 3 years?

            The real problem:  The Republican and corporate centrist Democrat platforms work well for the rich and the rich are in charge of DC.

            The Wall Street Journal openly approves of bombing Pakistan and killing people

            Fox News Nazi Double Standards: OK if their pundits and right-wingnuts use it, but not OK if Progressives use it.

            rupert-murdoch-1.jpg picture by eeberry

            Murdoch papers paid over $1.5 million to gag phone-hacking victims

            Fox News should be prosecuted for its lies to the American people

            Proclaim the Queen!


              February 25, 2011 in Class War

              If these people are so in love with the “free market” they can move to Russia. There they can get the true taste of what a “free” market in full swing looks like–a market that has been freed from all restraints of law.  Russia is capitalism without the rule of law.  That is “free market.”

              There are no regulations on business in Russia–move there and have at boys.  People like the Koch brothers should feel right at home there because Stalin’s Russia is where their Daddy made all his billions–building the oil infrastructure for Stalin’s empire.  Ironic, isn’t it that the Koch brothers sock monkeys call Obama a “socialist” when their own father made his billions from doing business with a socialist.

              Russia is run like a thuggery, a mafia, with a few strong men in control directing the business.  Vladimir Putin is the Don.  Governors of the various Russian regions are appointed by Putin.  Putin, the prime minister and true ruler of Russia, claims that “this process protects the public from criminal infiltration in at least this high regional level of governance.” –But I ask  you:  Who is going to protect the people from men like Putin?  He is a thug whose underbosses such as Ramzan Kadyrov order the murders gangster execution style, of people who disagree with them such as Anna Politkovskaya a journalist critical of Putin’s regime.  She was murdered on October 7, 2006–Putin’s birthday.  Most likely the actual person who pulled the trigger was one of the “soldiers”  [See Diagram below.]



              Think of Russia as one “family” and its Don is Vladimir Putin.  Think of the USA as one family, but since we are a “democracy” we have numerous Dons–people like the Koch brothers, Sheldon Adelson, Carl Linder, etc.


              The leader of each family is known as the boss, or don. All major decisions are made by the boss, and money made by the family ultimately flows to him. The boss’s authority is needed to resolve disputes and keep everyone in line.

              Using the Koch brothers as one example of this type of “mafia government”, their “family” is Americans for Prosperity.  The underboss of that organization is Timothy R. (Tim) Phillips who is the president of Americans for Prosperity and the Americans for Prosperity Foundation.   American for Prosperity is totally funded by the Koch brothers.

              Prior to coming to work for the Koch brothers In 1998, now disgraced lobbyist Jack Abramoff hired Phillips’ firm to pressure members of Congress to vote against legislation that would have made the U.S. commonwealth of Northern Mariana Islands subject to federal wage and worker safety laws.

              A federal report “found that Chinese women were subject to forced abortions and that women and children were subject to forced prostitution in the local sex-tourism industry.” Nonetheless, Phillips sent out mailers claiming Chinese workers “are exposed to the teachings of Jesus Christ” while on the islands, and many “are converted to the Christian faith and return to China with Bibles in hand.” The mailers then encouraged the recipients to contact lawmakers and ask them to oppose the Marianas labor reform legislation.

              The Marianas stealth lobbying effort was not the only time Phillips worked with Abramoff. Reed and Phillips conspired to generate conservative Christian outrage towards gambling at Indian casinos in a cynical plot to encourage those same tribes to hire Abramoff to lobby on their behalf. While Phillips and Reed postured to be motivated by anti-gambling Christian values, the pair are alleged to  have helped launder lobbying money from an Abramoff Internet gambling client called eLottery.

              Proclaim the Queen!

                Meet all the Brothers Koch–two of whom have fun and two of whom fund the Tea Party Movement

                October 19, 2010 in Class War, Uncategorized


                The Real Mad Hatters (haters?) Behind the Tea Party -Charles and David Koch

                The only way to defeat incredibly wealthy and powerful people like the Kochs and others who promote propaganda for their own self promotion is with the truth about who they are and what they are doing. And this story must be told again and again.  The only advantage that truth has over propaganda is that by contrast, truth always presents the strongest argument and if even the tiniest flame is kept alive, it will eventually destroy the lies.

                The Brothers Koch would make the back-biting of the Ewing’s from that old TV series “Dallas” pale in comparison.  “. . .There has been so much scheming, name-calling, and backstabbing among these guys that J.R. Ewing might feel outdone. Bill tells of a homosexual blackmail attempt by Charles against Freddie to get his stock at a cheap price. (Charles vigorously denies it.) Freddie was partially disinherited by his father in a dispute over a missing $700. And for family harmony, you can’t beat Bill’s subpoenaing his mother onto the witness stand a few months after she’d had a stroke. . . .”  Source

                This 20- year feud finally ended in 2001 with David and Charles, the two middle brothers taking control of Koch Industries, the second largest privately held corporation in the USA.  (Cargill is the first.)


                The Koch brothers, David and Charles, are on my mind again because they have been in the news lately.  A few days ago I read where Sarah Palin [one of their several willing, self-serving, side show Bob pimps who are getting rich from their rabble] waved the Tea Party buses off on a two week tour to pump Americans full of the Koch propaganda and hatred prior to the election.  It’s ironic that these two brothers are doing exactly what Hitler did in his rise to power–take the people’s legitimate anger and fear and wield it into a powerful hatred against their chosen scapegoat [which of David and Charles choosing, is the President of the United States of America].  Shame on them both for what they are doing to our nation.

                Then last night I read that the Wonk Room had revealed that front groups controlled by Koch had been working to promote Prop 23. Americans for Prosperity, the front group founded and financed by Koch Industries’ executive David Koch, had organized Tea Party rallies in favor of Prop 23 and produced online ads distorting California clean energy. The Pacific Research Foundation, also funded by Koch-run foundations, produced junk studies promoting Prop 23.


                I first learned of the Koch brothers (Charles and David) about 18 months ago when I read that “Americans for Prosperity” was funding the Tea Party Movement and did some research to find out who was behind “Americans for Prosperity”.  Thus I uncovered the Koch Brothers.  Like their Koch Industries, they totally control “Americans for Prosperity.”  This group, trains speakers in making hate speeches and they pay for all the “Tea Party” buses that go all over the USA spewing their special brand of hatred. In fact, they have single-handedly bankrolled and they control the Tea Party Movement in this country.

                If  you think that “Americans for Prosperity” care about the workers of this nation, you better think again.  This is the same group that cheered and high-fived one another when an announcement was made that the USA lost the bid for the Olympics.  This meant the loss of a potential of billions of dollars being brought into our economy and thousands of jobs for Americans–and this greedy bunch cheered?  As far as I’m concerned they are traitors, not Americans.  Of course if you are a multimillionaire you will have a different opinion.


                THE BROTHERS KOCH

                Until my research last night I thought there were only two Koch brothers, but tonight I discovered that there are four of them.  I also learned that their father, Fred Koch was born in Quanah Texas which was quite a surprise to me considering how close Koch beginnings are to my own.  My home town in West Texas is only a few miles from Quanah.  I knew their father was one of the founders of the John Birch Society and that he developed a more efficient thermal cracking process for turning crude oil into gasoline from whence his fortune and that of his sons today is derived, but I did not realize it all began in Quanah Texas 110 years ago.

                In reading their biographies, it would appear that obsessions of the brothers manifested differently.  The eldest and the youngest Brothers Koch don’t seen as fixated on dominating the way of life for millions of Americans as do the two middle siblings.  The oldest is a collector and the youngest likes to spend his money on yacht racing.  Perhaps it is that the middle two take after their father while the oldest and the youngest are more like their mother.

                Brother Frederick R. Koch  (Born 1933) the first son

                Brother Frederick has spent his life as a collector. [If  you are rich and  you gather things around you, you are called a "collector."  If you are poor and you gather things around you, you are called a "hoarder." ]  Through personal and foundation acquisitions Koch assembled large and important collections of rare books and literary and musical manuscripts, fine and decorative arts and photographs, with works of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries predominating.  Frederick has never married. Mr. Koch has bought, restored and maintained a number of historic properties in the USA and abroad, including a Woolworth mansion in Manhattan. Koch also owns among his private collections the archival estate of George Platt Lynes  and a vast archive of society photographer Jerome Zerbe.   George Platt Lynes focus on homoerotic imagery eventually took over Lynes photographic life. He had begun in the 1930s taking nudes of his circle of friends and performers, including a young Yul Brynner,  but these had been known only to intimates for years.  Jerome Zerbe was a society photographer. He was one of the originators of a genre of photography   that is now utterly common: celebrity paparazzi.  Today, little is known about Zerbe’s vast collection of photographs, which a biographer estimated had 50,000 images in 150 scrapbooks. They are part of an extensive private photography archive that is owned by collector Frederick R. Koch.  Both Zerbe and Lynes were gay.

                charles koch

                Brother Charles Koch  (Born Nov. 1, 1935) the second son

                Charles is one of two of the Koch brothers who bankroll the Tea Party Movement through their “grass roots movement” corporation “Americans for Prosperity”–the prosperity and protection of Koch Industries from the arm of “big government” who fine them for polluting the environment and killing their workers through negligence.  It is Charles’ son, Chase Koch, now 42, who will eventually take over the family business and carry on in the grand John Birch tradition of his grandfather, father and uncle–all in the name of “patriotism” to protect their right to greed and harm others.  Unlike his three brothers who are more cosmopolitan, Wichita Kansas, their birthplace is just find for Charles as it is for Chase, his son who recently purchased 70 acres near the city on which to build his home.  I guess 70 acres provides the needed degrees of separation from the public that these people like to maintain.  Although the more urbane faction of the Koch family do like to mingle with other have-mores. It is frightening to think the lessons that Chase has learned first hand from his father.  Charles Koch founded the Cato Institute, a Libertarian think tank, and seriously considered buying Time or Newsweek about 10 years ago  to proselytize for a political revolution–just one more reason to never trust main stream media, as if Fox News and the Wall Street Journal–both owned by Rupert Murdoch, were not reasons enough.

                Brother David Koch  (Born May 3, 1940) the third son

                David has a twin–William.  It is unusual that David took the side of his brother Charles over that of William, his twin over the dispute regarding ownership and management of Koch Industries, but I suppose when greed and such extreme wealth are the stakes  that having shared the womb of the same woman at the same time weakens the glue  that keeps twins stuck together throughout their lifetimes.  However the two did kiss and make up long enough for David to stand up as best man in his twin brother William’s third marriage.  David makes his home in New York City where he and his wife swirl around with the rich and famous of New York’s high society.  Koch is the richest resident of New York City.  Koch was the Libertarian Party’s vice-presidential Libertarian Party’s candidate in the 1980 presidential election , sharing the party ticket with presidential  candidate  Ed Clark. The Clark-Koch ticket  received 921,128 votes (1.06% of the total nationwide).  In 1984, Koch founded, served as Chairman of the board of directors of, and donated to the free-market Citizens for a Sound Economy . In 2004, these organizations separated into, respectively, Americans for Prosperity  Foundation and FreedomWorks.   Koch continues as Chairman of the Board and gives money to Americans for Prosperity Foundation and gives to a related advocacy organization Americans for Prosperity.

                David Koch is a survivor of prostate cancer and gives generously to cancer research.  HOWEVER:  Koch industries is one of the largest manufacturers of formaldehyde, estimated at 2/2 billion pounds a year and has spent huge amounts of money to lobby legislators attempting to forestall EPA classifying the substance as directly responsible for serious illnesses in children and adults … formaldehyde a known carcinogen dangerous to human beings, particularly putting them at risk for cancers of the blood.  Ironic, isn’t it.  That’s what the rich often do though is to give to charities to throw the attention away from the real harm that they do.  David who married late in life at 51, has three children, the oldest is about 12 years of age.
                Photobucketkoch painting

                Brother William Koch  (Born May 3, 1940) the fourth son

                Like the eldest brother, William is somewhat the playboy. His boat was the winner of the America’s Cup  in 1992. Koch reportedly spent around $65 million on his effort and though an amateur, sailed on the crew himself Per Forbes William Koch’s net worth is $3.4 billion in 2010 on oil  and other investments.   Also, like his eldest brother he is an avid collector.  William prefers art and wine, and especially maritime memorabilia. I n 1994 Koch married Joan Granlund, with whom he had a son. A complaint by Koch’s subsequent wife, Angela, led to his arrest in 2000 based on allegations of domestic violence.  Koch’s third marriage in 2005 was to Bridget Rooney, granddaughter of Pittsburgh Steelers founder Art Rooney.   Koch has been involved in a number of legal battles in his life, including the report of a past arrest for “threatening to beat his whole family to death with his belt.”





                and they are doing it all for your freedom!

                Your freedom to work for next to nothing for people like them.


                Proclaim the Queen!

                  Get a good look at life under the Vigilante Rule of a Tea Party Anarchist Side Show Bob

                  October 18, 2010 in Class War

                  JOE ALASKA

                  Security guards for Alaska senate candidate Joe Miller handcuffed and detained the editor of the online magazine “Alaska Dispatch” on Sunday.  Hopfinger had been trying to ask Miller questions when two or three guards told him to leave or risk being charged with trespassing.  When Hopfinger continued to try to ask questions, one of the guards put the reporter in an arm-bar and then handcuffed him.

                  Hopfinger was released after police arrived.

                  The reporter was on public property where a public event was being held at the time of the incident.


                  I saw on TV this morning where Sarah Palin, another pimp for the rich, saw off the Tea Party Buses that are making a tour of many states.  I hope that the majority of Americans have enough sense to remember that these buses are sponsored by “Americans for Prosperity”–a group that actually cheered when the USA lost the bid to host the Olympics in Chicago–a win that would have brought billions of dollars to the USA and thousands of jobs to Americans.  Americans for Prosperity is an ultra conservative group that is entirely funded by the Koch Industries.  The founder of this corporation made his billions by building the oil infrastructure for Joseph Stalin.  These people are not for the prosperity of the majority.  They are for the prosperity of the Koch Brothers and other billionaires like the Koch brothers.

                  Go ahead and get on one of Mr. Koch’s Tea Party buses, it’s a free country.  You are free to make him richer and yourself poorer. You are free to act like a fool and vote against your own best interests, but you can’t say that you were not warned when your world falls down around your ears.   People like the Kochs don’t give a damn about the majority of Americans, or even their side show Bobs like Sarah Palin.  As a matter of fact, they most likely make fun of them and you too behind their closed doors–just as the Bush administration made fun of the evangelicals.

                  Palin and Christine O’Donnell may be laughing all the way to bank, but I guarantee that most Americans won’t be if these fakes are voted into office.

                  This is a class war and if you earn less than $250,000 a year and are voting Republican or Tea Party, you are on the wrong side of the fence.

                  Proclaim the Queen!

                    The Tea Party Bunch are nothing but Republicans on Steroids

                    September 26, 2010 in Class War

                    Those who think that the Tea Party is some new “grass roots” movement from the people need to start drinking water and not the kool-aid dished up by the Koch brothers.  The Tea Party is nothing more than Republicans on steroids.  These are people who instead of rebuilding their broken right-wing ideology are head bangers who tell us that if we just bang our heads harder against the brick wall of failure that their ideology will somehow work.

                    Those who think that these people are for Main Street and the working class,  need a serious lesson in reality. These are people who are so wrapped up in “being right” that they applaud when America loses jobs.  That’s correct.  In October of 2009 when International Olympic Committee’s rejected the USA bid to host the Olympics here in 2016–a loss of thousands of jobs for Americans and billions to our economy, these nut jobs actually cheered!

                    These people are anything but the patriots that they think they are. Upon being informed of the news, a gathering of conservatives at the Americans For Prosperity — one of the main organizing groups behind the tea party protests — erupted in applause. They cheered once more after they were told that Chicago had been eliminated during the first round of voting. The moment was captured on video (below) and reported by Hotline On Call.

                    Americans for Prosperity should be renamed:  “Americans for the Prosperity of Koch Industries and the Koch Brothers” because that is who they represent and not the majority of the American people.

                    Proclaim the Queen!