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August 23, 2013 in Issues

Iflizwerequeen Skyped at home: 10-16-2013

IFLIZWEREQUEEN –A Citizen from the 32nd US Congressional District of Texas.

Welcome to my life and opinions.

Take what you can use and disregard the rest.

It seems there are still folks out there who don’t realize they too are rulers of their own kingdom.  But hey, without people like them, we would never hear all those great “he/she done me wrong songs” coming out of Nashville..

Welcome to my world.   I hope you enjoy at least some of what you read.  If not, well, then diversity is what makes the world spin. So Muchas gracias for keeping things in motion.

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    Many of the solutions we dream of are here now–but they are under-reported.

    May 14, 2013 in Headlines

    For example, I just read that DFW Airport is the next stop on lightweight plan’s sun-powered cross-country flight.

    Swiss pilot Bertrand Piccard is living his dream – a flight across America – and he’s doing it without a drop of fuel.

    Piloting the Solar Impulse, a gangly sun-powered airplane, Piccard flew 650 miles from San Francisco to Phoenix last weekend. The flight in a plane with the wingspan of a jumbo jet and the weight of a car took nearly 19 hours.

    It was the first leg of a coast-to-coast journey that will make its next stop at Dallas/Fort Worth Airport. Weather permitting, Piccard is scheduled to take off early Tuesday on the 885-mile Phoenix-to-DFW flight.

    After spending about a week in DFW spreading the gospel about clean energy, Piccard and fellow Swiss pilot Andre Borschberg will alternate flying the experimental single-seat plane to St. Louis and then Washington, D.C., before completing the journey in New York City

    read on .


    It’s so amazing and yet true that solutions to all our problems are rarely more than a thought away. Perhaps because it’s an airplane, but this story of showing how we can do it without  oil reminds me of a problem/solution I read about when I was learning TRIZ, a problem solving methodology designed by  Genrich Altschuler, a Russian . One example of this type of innovative problem solving is an example of a company in the USA that needed to more economically ship beef from Argentina to the USA.  The problem was that that refrigeration equipment needed for the frozen beef weighed as much or more than the beef itself.  The solution which allowed for shipping twice as much beef per plane was to remove insulation in the cargo hold and fly the plane at a higher altitude.  Thus there was no need for the heavy refrigeration equipment.


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      England’s Prime Minister forced to play same balancing act as Republican leaders here in USA

      January 18, 2013 in Headlines

      And, like the Republican leadership here in the USA, Prime Minister David Cameron can’t win for losing.   However, for the moment Cameron has canceled his speech regarding Britian’s stand on being a member of the European Union for today–postponed because of the algeria hostage crisis.

      According to extracts of the speech given to the media before the speech in the Netherlands was called off on Thursday, Cameron was to have said that Britons were tiring of the EU’s “lack of democratic accountability”.

      “If we don’t address these challenges, the danger is that Europe will fail and the British people will drift towards the exit,” Cameron’s speech in Amsterdam was to have said.

      “I do not want that to happen. I want the European Union to be a success and I want a relationship between Britain and the EU that keeps us in it.”

      However the extracts from the speech  did not contain a widely expected announcement of plans to renegotiate Britain’s EU membership and to put the new terms to the British public in a referendum.  His office said that a new day and venue for the speech would be announced later.

      Der Spiegel reported that Labor Party leader Ed Miliband said on Thursday:  ”He thinks his problems with Europe will end on Friday,” Miliband said of Cameron. “They are just beginning.”

      Miliband is correct.  Cameron is stuck between a rock and a hard place. On the one side, the euroskeptic majority of his party’s parliamentary faction is making noises about finally taking powers back to London from Brussels. On the other, a broad alliance is emerging of pro-European diplomats, executives and representatives of business, banks and literally all Western leaders, who warn that Britain will face isolation and economic consequences if it turns its back on the EU.

      The situation sounds vaguely familiar–a moderate conservative trying to straddle two worlds:  the real one and la la land of conservative ideology.   It will be interesting to see what happens when/if Cameron ever does give this speech regarding Britain’s stance on its membership in the European Nation.

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        PATHETIC! Five Senior Citizens Serving Life Sentence without Parole for Pot!

        December 27, 2012 in Issues, Justice, Prisons

        Right now, five adults await death in prison for non-violent, marijuana-related crimes. Their names are John Knock, Paul Free, Larry Duke, William Dekle, and Charles “Fred” Cundiff. They are all more than 60 years old; they have all spent at least 15 years locked up for selling pot.  They are all model prisoners.

        Before he was incarcerated 18 years ago, Paul Free obtained a BA in marine biology and was starting a school while teaching English in Mexico. Now 62, he has continued his passion for education behind bars, where he has lived for the past 18 years.

        Larry Duke, a 65-year-old decorated Marine, has spent the last 23 years of his life behind bars for weed. On top of the difficulties life in prison lays on the psyche, Duke suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder stemming from multiple tours in the Vietnam war.

        write a letter to President Obama demanding their release,  This more than exceed the “cruel and unjust punishment”  a life sentence for selling pot?  Please.  Especially now that it is legal in two states.

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          Merry Christmas Baby

          December 12, 2012 in Holiday News, Music

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            The 113th Congress is a Congress of Firsts

            November 17, 2012 in 2012 Elections, Headlines, Nation

            Though Congress remains whiter, older, and more male than the nation as a whole, the incoming class will be the most diverse in history.  ThinkProgress reports that the 113th Congress will be the most diverse in US History.  Twenty-four of those newly elected to Congress are women compared to 20 men.  Five of the 54 new faces are LGBT.  10 of them are Latino. 4 are African American.  6 of them are Asian American.  We also have our first Hindu representative and our first Buddhist Senator.


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              November 14, 2012 in Headlines, Issues

              The Republican fear monger press is working overtime to stoke fears of Americans regarding the “looming” deficit.  They may have reached the same saturation point as chicken little, or the boy who cried wolf one time too often. We can hope so.

              The Center for Economic and Policy Research tells us today that Republicans are working hard to try to build up fears around this deadline because they know that President Obama will be in a much better negotiating position after the end of the year. The USA Today piece fits with this agenda.

              USA TODAY is deceiving its readers with a huge front page story showing the hit to the economy from each of the components of the showdown (e.g. the specific tax cuts that are ending and the various spending cuts). The problem is that what the article shows as the hit to the economy is the hit if nothing is done all year, it has zero, nothing, nada, to do with the impact of letting the December 31st deadline pass, with the tax increases and spending cuts reversed early in 2013. It is unlikely that many USA Today readers will recognize this fact and therefore will be badly misled by this front page article. (Given this fact, it is difficult to see why USA Today would devote so much space to this graph.)


              Here is another excellent article on the economy from The Center for Economic Policy and Research:

              It’s so cute when people who couldn’t see an $8 trillion housing bubble tell us how markets will react to the ending of the Bush tax cuts.

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                A Tribute to Lionel J. Brazile Sr., Donna’s father

                March 12, 2012 in Pass it Forward

                At Donna’s request, I am posting the sad news of her father’s passing.  I know he will be greatly missed. My condolences to Donna and her siblings.  It’s a good thing and a bad thing when the passing of a parent brings sorrow–one of life’s bittersweet gifts.  We are thankful for the wonderful parent and saddened at their passing.  In looking for a category for this message, I’ve decided to put it under “pass it forward”.

                St. Anthony, finder of lost things, was Lionel’s Patron Saint.

                Visitation on Tuesday, March 13, 2012 at Our Lady of Perpetual Help, 1908 Short Street, Kenner, LA. from 10:00 a.m until 11:00 a.m. Followed by a Mass of Christian Burial at 11:00 a.m. Interment Providence Memorial Park Cemetery. You may sign the guest book on and GERTRUDE GEDDES WILLIS FUNERAL HOME INC. in charge.
                Visit Lionel’s Guest Book

                LIONEL J. BRAZILE, SR

                Born on June 13, 1931 to the union of Louis, Sr. and Frances Brazile. He was their 12th and last child – the “baby” of a large Southern family.

                Baptized at St. Monica Catholic Church in New Orleans, Louisiana in 1937, Godson of the late Ebbie (Sporty) and Clara Brazile. Lionel attended primary school in Kenner, Louisiana. Drafted to the U.S. Army, Lionel served honorably in the Korean War and returned home with four Bronze Star Medals and a United Nations Medal of Valor.

                He never wavered in support of our nation’s veterans and would often encourage any one still deciding on a career path to volunteer and serve their country. On the day of the horrific attacks on our nation, 9/11, Lionel called to see if he could rejoin the U.S. Army.

                Lionel graduated from Walter L. Cohen High School in New Orleans and received a basketball scholarship from Grambling State University.  His talent in basketball led to an invitation to try out for the Harlem Globetrotters.

                In 1956, he married his high school sweetheart, the late Jean Brown. Their union resulted in the birth of nine children: Cheryl Ann, Sheila Marie, Donna Lease, the late Lionel Jr (Teddy Man), Chet Anthony, Alesia Cecile, Demetria Louise, Kevin Patrick and Zeola Patricia.

                Lionel lived in Kenner, Louisiana for most of his adult life. He was active in the community and worked at Boh Brothers Construction Company, Dobbs House and retired as the Custodian Engineer at Riverdale High School in Harahan, Louisiana.

                Lionel and Jean moved to Mid-City in the mid-80s. In 1988, his beloved wife of 32 years passed and Lionel remained in New Orleans until Hurricane Katrina flooded his home and forced him to seek refuge in San Antonio, Texas. After a brief stay in Texas, Lionel returned to New Orleans to salvage everything left from the catastrophic storm and moved to Baton Rouge where he remained until last year.

                In September 2011, Lionel took ill and was admitted to Our Lady of the Lake in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. In October, Lionel began his recovery at the Southeast Louisiana War Veterans Home in Reserve, Louisiana. Over the past five months, Lionel made remarkable progress yet suffered many set backs.

                Lionel loved sports, especially the New Orleans Saints, Southern Jaguars, Grambling Tigers and LSU Tigers. He was a star Athlete, an active basketball player and enjoyed riding his bicycle everywhere. His favorite nickname was Goose.

                He loved fine clothes, fashionable shoes, and strong cologne. Upon return from Korea, he outfitted many of his nephews with the latest fashions.  Lionel loved to dance and enjoyed playing music – all kinds of music ranging from jazz to the blues, and the latest soul melody. He had a special relationship with all his siblings including the late Ethel, Louis, Ebbie, Anna, Adele, Pinky, Dorothy, Frances, Alice, Rosalie and Lucille.

                He was a gourmet chef and enjoyed cooking Southern meals such as red beans and rice, smothered chicken, baked chicken, succotash, corn bread and potato salad. He loved cold beer and lively company. He was a deeply spiritual person – said his Novena every Tuesday, the rosaries once or twice a day and made special pleas on behalf of his family and friends. His patron Saint was St. Anthony.

                Lionel possessed many talents and skills: he was an artist, a carpenter, an electrician, roofer, plumber and wood smith. He built an addition to the house on Filmore Street without any architectural plans. No one ever messed with his tools – many destroyed like so much in the aftermath of Katrina.

                Lionel was a proud Grandfather (Paw Paw) and Great Grandfather to Janika, Roderick Jr, J. Mallore, Kevin, Colin, Whitney, Brianna, Aailyah, Kiristin, Malik, Elmore, Chet, Karim, Joel, Jace and Kevin Courtney. He provided for all of his nine children and if needed they could return and get on the “Books.”

                Lionel is survived by his sister Lucille Jones of Harlem, New York, his brother – in laws, Nathaniel, John and Floyd Brown, Sister in laws Zeola Bellephant and Gwen Hathorn and many nieces and nephews, including Ethel Mae, Jack, Brother Yancy, Barbara Ann, Tina, Mary Louise, Gail, Louis Smalls, Anna Rita, Gregory, Joe, Mark, Eric, Louis Jones, and a host of other grand nieces, nephews, cousins and friends.

                In the final weeks of his life, the Doctors, Nurses and others often marveled at Lionel’s resiliency and the ability to bounce back. He was a great storyteller, yet he wasn’t always comfortable talking around new people. He had to read you first, but once he accepted you, he prayed for you daily.

                He was decent, kind, feisty, mercurial, tough as nails, enjoyed cleanliness and his space always smelled of fresh disinfectant.

                There will never quite be another Lionel Brazile. He was extremely generous, blunt, compassionate, combative and fearless.

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                  The Republican Email Rumor Factory for 2012 has begun

                  June 15, 2011 in Class War, Pass it Forward, Propaganda

                  OMG!  They’ve already gotten their Megaphones out!

                  It seems that they begin their rumor mongering factory earlier every election season. I received the following email from a friend today who was in turn forwarding it from an email that she received on Sunday.

                  As you know, I don’t normally distinguish one party from another any more as I have come to regard them as two parties with the same platform for the rich. However I will say this much: These rumor mongering emails come to me exclusively from members of the Republican Party. I have never to my knowledge received one from a Democrat who was promoting it as “the truth.”

                  The first thing that we all should do when we receive one of the emails is to check out the truth.  My favorite truth checker is .  Then we need to write a reply and send it back to all the people who received the original email rumor.

                  I know the temptation is to just delete and forget it.  You don’t want to risk making a relative or friend angry, etc.  But we all have a responsibility to promote the truth–particularly when people may be making important decisions based on misinformation.

                  Here is an example using my experience as a model:


                  HERE IS THE HALF-TRUTH ORIGINAL RUMOR EMAIL THAT I RECEIVED: [The copy in red are my interjections.]

                  Date: Sun, Jun 12, 2011 at 9:37 AM

                  Subject: Everyone needs to see this- Will You Ever Sell Your House?

                  Okay I knew our government was broken but this is ridiculous!  I read the link – it categorizes real estate gains as “unearned income.”  Oh, really?  I guess drug dealers and human smuggles are earning their income so therefore exempt.  Can’t we do something about all the illegal activity in America.  Well I guess not because it’s rampant in the government! And why did anyone think taxing real estate was a good way to pay for healthcare?  Which is really illness care, and funding the legal drug pushers, Big Pharma.

                  Check out this little surprise I bet you never knew!!!

                  Will You Ever Sell Your House?

                  DID you know that if you sell your house after 2012 you will pay a 3.8% sales tax on it?That’s $3,800 on a $100,000 home etc. [NOT TRUE] When did this happen? It’s in the healthcare bill. Just thought you should know.

                  SALES TAX TO GO INTO EFFECT 2013 (Part of HC Bill)

                  REAL ESTATE SALES TAX
                  So, this is “change you can believe in”?
                  Under the new health care bill – did you know that all real estate transactions will be subject to a 3.8% Sales Tax?  The bulk of these new taxes don’t kick in until 2013 If you sell your $400,000 home, there will be a $15,200 tax. [ NOT TRUE] This bill is set to screw the retiring generation who often downsize their homes. Does this stuff make your November and 2012 vote more important?
                  Oh, you weren’t aware this was in the obama-care bill? Guess what, you aren’t alone. There are more than a few members of Congress that aren’t aware of it either

                  Check it out at the link below.
                  Why am I am sending you this?  The same reason I hope you forward this to every single person in your address book because another election is coming soon, be aware!


                  Here is my response:

                  Please go to Snopes for more detail.



                  The truth about this bill is that if you sell your home for a profit above the capital gains threshold of $250,000 per individual or $500,000 per couple then you would be required to pay the additional 3.8 percent tax on any gain realized over this threshold.

                  Most people who sell their homes will not be impacted by these new regulations. This is not a new tax on every seller.

                  In other words, a couple who sold their home would be subject to the 3.8% tax only  if they made a profit of at least $500,000 on the sale, and the tax would only apply to that portion of that profit in excess of $500,000.


                  In case you are drowning in tears over the fact that the upper 5% might have to pay a one-time tax of 3.8% on this enormous profit, you can dry those tears if you will remember that every year, year in year out, these same people pay on average 3% less in federal income tax on their annual income than you and I do.

                  That’s correct. Those in the top 5% pay between 17% and 1% of their income in federal taxes.  The rest of us pay between 20 and 25% of our income in Federal taxes.

                  So save those tears for children whose funding for Chips programs might be cut because some millionaire is whines loud enough about having to pay their taxes like the rest of us that some jerk in Congress creates yet another tax loophole for the rich.  Save your tears for the children.  The rich are doing just fine.

                  In case you haven’t noticed, we are not seated at the banquet table with them any more. Instead, many of us are on the menu.

                  Better wake up America.  It’s time to end the minority rule.

                  Proclaim the Queen!

                    The Interest in Sarah Palin’s Emails are more interesting than the Emails themselves

                    June 10, 2011 in Gossip


                    LOL.  The owners have tossed a big bone of distraction for the public to gnaw on.  It should last the weekend and perhaps through Monday.

                    I have made a pact with myself to not read a single one of the emails.

                    I do give myself permission, however to make fun of the public interest in Palin’s email which I consider to be on the same level as a reality show.

                    They have been released today in paper form. Various new agencies are busy copying them over to a digital format where they my be digested by more consumers.

                    The Los Angeles Times offers this site: Sarah Palin Emails: The Alaska Archive

                    Here is a sample comment from a reader:

                    “Look for communications around the time of April 10-18, 2008 mentioning a dog or anything that could be code for a transfer of babies. Look for evidence of second baby (Trip) being born later than December thus changing the calculus of Bristol’s “5 months pregnant”. Look for communications from the RNC/Mitt Romney coordinating an ad campaign against election laws during the primary season in 2006-2007. Look for travel records January-April of entire family, especially around time of Iron Dog Race 2008.”


                    Iflizwerequeen Response to Comment


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