The ABC’s of Why the Economy is not Recovering: the REAL fiscal cliff

December 28, 2012 at 8:14 am in Class War, Economy, Social Security by IfLizWereQueen

1.  The majority of the offerings on all stock exchanges are either total financial scams and/or offer products and services that have close to zero value AND most Americans either realize this and/or have no money to purchase anything beyond the bare necessities.

2. The overwhelming majority of people making money beyond subsistence income are those who belong to the investor class.  They have made vast fortunes these past five years by what amounts to a fire sale of America:  firing workers and selling off assets of these corporations–not by hiring workers and expanding business.

If you want concrete proof of this, look no further than the members of the US Congress because thanks to the law, we have a record of their earnings--the overwhelming majority of whom belong to the investor class.  Yes, nearly every member of Congress has a stock portfolio.  And yes, while the majority of Americans have been either barely hanging and/or falling off the economic cliff of their lives, members of Congress, like all members of the investor class have been doing quite well.  Here is just a sample for your from BOTH sides of the aisle.  Forget Republican/Democrat because “investor class” covers them both.  SOURCE

Look at these Net Worths.  These people did not make their money by working.  Are you kidding?  Their average work week is three days.  They earned their money by taking from the American people.  And Democrats are as bad as Republicans.  This is the investor class.  It knows no party differences.  They are all in the take together.

Darrell Issa (R-California) tops the list as the richest at $700,850,000  (In 2008 he only had about half that amount, $337,400,002 ).  Below are a few others–all of whom have  increased their net worth by millions of dollars from 2008 to 2010– the two worst years for the majority of Americans.  How did they make this money?  The companies they were invested in fired Americans, sold off assets and passed along the “savings” to these investors.  Do you understand why these people have raised the minimum wage ONCE in fifteen years in spite of the upward swing of production?  It’s because labor from their investor skewed viewpoint is an expense to be avoided when ever and where ever possible.  Investors are quite literally “slave-drivers.”  Until people understand this and stop voting for members of the investor class, little will change for the majority of us. These are the people who make our laws and they make them for themselves–not for the majority.  They are in Washington DC to protect and grow their own personal wealth.

Democrat Nancy Pelosi:
2008  - $   95,980,989
2010 –  $ 196,299.990

Republican John Cantor
2008 – $6,707,999
2010 – $8,048,999

Republican Mitch McConnell
2008 – $31,955,998
2010 – $44, 587,000

Democrat John Kerry
2008 –  $258,959,541
2010 – $281,976,067



1.  We can start participating in politics at a local level.  Attend local council meetings open to the public.  Present your ideas and opinions for community improvements there.

2. We can form small groups, much in the way that book clubs are formed, and create our own employee owned, locally held companies that are supported by our local governments.  HERE IS A FREE BOOKLET OF INSTRUCTIONS:  JOB CREATION NOW.

3. We can groom and support people we know from our own Congressional Districts to run for office–people who are decent.  People who do not make their living from investments.  People who know what it means to actually work for a living.  Then at election time we can vote for them.

4. We can continue to fight the investor class who are running Washington DC and who are now trying to steal the money from our Social Security and Medicare coffers.  Yes, their fire sale of America is just about reduced to glowing embers so they must turn to other sources to feed their greed.  Thus they are turning to funds that have been established by working people.  We must stop them from robbing us any further.


First and foremost we can stop looking to the people in Washington as our saviors.  By and large these people are the enemies of Main Street.  Don’t expect assistance from them.  Oh they will all try to be clever and offer what looks like assistance and solutions to our problems, but if you lift up the corner of their tent, you will see that what they are offering is just another disguised theft.

As mentioned above, we just start creating our own job creation solutions at a local level now!


That will be the day when the majority of Americans end up with not even the shirts left on our backs because the investor class we have elected to represent us have claimed the shirts off our backs as their assets.  Are we going to stop believing the propaganda that is spun out by ALL  mainstream media and start figuring out the truth for ourselves? Or are we going to allow these judas goats to end life as we know it in our tattered democracy?

Yes, this is a class war.  And yes we do outnumber them as long we we stop allowing them to pit us against one another.

Proclaim the Queen!