F.A.I.R. Reports: Fox Business uses Fake Quote to Bash Islamophobia Report

September 4, 2011 at 6:15 pm in Media by IfLizWereQueen

  • Posted by Steve Rendall on 09/01/11 at 1:31 pm

    Recently on Fox Business (8/30/11; cite by Think Progress, 8/31/11), host Eric Bolling tried to discredit the Center for American Progress’s excellent new report on Islamophobiawith this colossal falsehood:

    I need to point this out–I’m reading directly from this report: “The Obama-allied Center for American Progress has released a report that blames Islamophobia in America on a small group of Jews and Israel supporters in America, whose views are being backed by millions of dollars.”

    You would have to be an idiot to read those words and not realize that they weren’t CAP’s. In fact, Bolling was quoting from a column on the far-right American Thinker website, attacking CAP and its report.

    But the damage was done: The rest of the segment–Bolling’s questions and his guests’ answers–all swirled around the subject of CAP’s anti-Semitic conspiracy-theorizing. [...] Read more»



Typical, but if you think that Fox news is the only mainstream media propagandist, all you need to do is switch channels for more of the same.

For example, why on earth would you expect MSNBC to be any different?  MSNBC is owned by GE, the largest war contractor in the world.  They have not payed U.S. corporate income tax for over two years.  They are more of the same:  rich corporate welfare recipients.

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