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True to his billionaire plutocrat roots, Bloomberg blames the victims today.

September 30, 2011 in Civil Resistance

Here’s a pie for Bloomberg’s Pie Hole!

In his weekly radio show today (Friday Sept 30, 2011) Bloomberg, a former Wall Street worker himself, said the financial industry is not solely responsible for the crippling economic crisis. “We always tend to blame the wrong people. [And who should we blame Bloomberg?  the poor?]   We blame the banks. They were part of this, but so was Freddie Mac and Fanny Mae  and Congress and you and me and everybody,” said Bloomberg.


IfLizWereQueen Comments

How unoriginal.  Bloomberg is pulling the same baloney that millionaires in Congress pulled about a month ago talking along the lines of “shared blame” and  ”shared sacrifice”. In March 2009, Forbes reported Michael Bloomberg’s wealth at $16 billion, a gain of $4.5 billion over the previous year, enjoying the world’s biggest increase in wealth in 2009–all at a time when 77% of the American people are living from paycheck to paycheck. And Bloomberg has the nerve to talk about “blaming the wrong people?”  In 2008, 50,000 Americans who worked for Bear Stearns lost their jobs and their pension in less than a week–all because of games that other Wall Street vultures such as Goldman Sachs were playing.  The leaders of Wall Street, like the leaders of Congress, are vicious cutthroats who don’t give a damn about the majority of Americans–those of us who earn under $100,000 a year.  In fact most of them are psychopaths who don’t even give a damn for their own kind.  They eat each other.  Bernie Madoff is another perfect example of their willingness to even devour their own fellow plutocrats.  Why the hell would we think they would hesitate with us?  Wall Street is nothing more than an evil carnival for the rich, a multilevel marketing scheme.  It should be totally torn down.

The general public need to be better educated on Freddy Mac and Fanny Mae.  These two institution are about as “government run” as the Federal Reserve.  The way they operate is as quasi government/private institutions.  The private investors get all the profit and the taxpayer get to take care of any cost or loss.  And that arrangement fairly well sums up how all privatized institutions work.

Let’s make a Clean Sweep for Democracy in 2012 and replace the entire House of Representatives with people from the majority.  Then in 2014 we can go after the Senate.

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    Again it’s the foreign media who print what is really happening in the USA

    September 30, 2011 in Civil Resistance

    UK Guardian reports that THOUSANDS (not hundreds) marched in Manhattan today–Sept. 30,2011

    With USA mainstream media largely silent about the event, the UK Guardian reported that several thousand anti-Wall Street protesters marched through downtown Manhattan on Friday night to protest against incidents of police brutality at a previous demonstration.

    The group was part of the Occupy Wall Street movement which has camped for almost two weeks in a New York square to protest against the finance industry, among other grievances.


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      Occupy Wall Street is a revolution.

      September 30, 2011 in Civil Resistance

      Occupy Wall Street: “It Is a Revolution
      By Christian Papesch

      NEW YORK, Sep 30, 2011 (IPS) – Since Sep. 17, hundreds of demonstrators in the Occupy Wall Street movement have transformed the quiet Zucotti Park in lower Manhattan from a place where Wall Street traders once relaxed during lunch breaks into a demonstration camp.

      Participants from all over the United States have joined the movement that criticises the injustices of the capitalist system and calls for greater democracy and individual freedom.

      Their base is right in front of the aptly named Liberty Plaza, former headquarters of NASDAQ and current office of the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation.

      “This is a democratic awakening,” Cornel West, a prominent activist and Princeton professor, told journalists prior to speaking before nearly 2,000 protestors at Occupy Wall Street’s General Assembly on Tuesday. .  .


      The excerpt above is from the IPS.  There is quite a bit more to the piece so please select the title and read the rest.

      Cornel West summed it up well when he said:  ”I think we gotta keep the momentum going, because it’s impossible to translate the issue of the greed of Wall Street into one or two demands.”    He may be right, but perhaps “Get the hell out of my country’s government and start following the rules instead of making them up for your own personal profit.” might be a starting point as a message for Wall Street.

      “In the end, we are really talking about what Martin King would call a revolution – a transfer of power from oligarchs to everyday people of all colours. And that is a step-by-step process, it’s a democratic process, it’s a non-violent process – but it is a revolution.”


      IfLizWereQueen Additional Comments
      It’s the non-violent part that I have difficulty with.  Revolutions are always violent. They may be characterized by the protesters being non-violent but the side in power is always violent.

      The most recent example of this is what is taking place in Syria.

      If you sit around and don’t defend yourself, there is a good chance that you will be brutalized by the monkeys representing those in power.

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        Join Occupy Wall Street and union at Sotheby’s at 1 PM today!

        September 30, 2011 in Civil Resistance

        Sotheby’s Made Over $680 Million Profit Last year and are demanding that workers waive any right to retirement benefits and agree that all new hires be non-union!  OCCUPY WALL STREET AND STOP THEM!

        Fri, September 30, 1pm – 2pm
        Forty three members of Teamsters 814 at Sotheby’s have been locked out for going on 9 weeks now.
        The company made over $680 million last year in profit, and they are demanding that we waive our right to any retirement benefits and agree that all new hires be non-union!
        This is a crucial fight, with many implications for other unions and working people gnerally in NYC in New York. If a private employer, who is highly profitable and doesn’t need concessions can get them anyway, then what does that mean for the rest of us!?
        Join the IBT 814 members this Friday, September 30th at 1 PM at Sotheby’s Headquarters at 1334 York Avenue (between 71st and 72nd Streets– near the “Hunter College/68th Street” station on the 6 train).
        Sotheby’s will be holding an art sale– let’s show them we support the locked-out union workers!. If you are a union member, please shirts, hats etc., identifying what unions you are from– let the locked-out 814 members know they are supported by other unions in NYC!
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          Clean Sweep for Democracy 2012 issues a Report Card to USA Media

          September 30, 2011 in Civil Resistance, Media

          The Canadian press is ignoring the Occupy Wall Street as well. A comment by a Canadian puts the Canadian Press and their non-reporting of Occupy Wall Street into its proper perspective:

          “I live in Canada. If a group of 5,000 Syrians protested the economic system in their country and 80 people were arrested, and 5 peaceful women were pepper sprayed in the face by a zealous police inspector, the story would be front page news here. Our national newspaper, TV, radio stations have not run a single story on the Occupy Wall Street events. I found out about it watching the Colbert Report. There is certainly a news black out in Canada.” [In response to a Columbia Journalism review saying that Occupy Wall Street was getting its fair share of press coverage.]

          NOTE: If you have not heard of Clean Sweep for Democracy 2012, now you have.  This organization will come into full bloom on October 15, 2011.  The purpose and goal of this organization is clear and simple:  To replace the entire House of Representatives in 2012 with Independent candidates–all from the majority; all non-millionaires; all non-Wall Street Stock owners; all whose incomes are less than $100,000 a year.

          In short, Clean Sweep for Democracy 2012 is an organization whose goal is to put the majority in power in the U.S. House of Representatives.  In 2014 we will begin our assault on the plutocrats in the Senate.

          Note:  There will be other report cards.

          For more about Clean Sweep for Democracy.

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            Washington Post Gets an F on reporting about Occupy Wall Street

            September 30, 2011 in Civil Resistance

            There were a few articles that appeared in the Washington Post prior to the event, but their tone was more along the lines of  ”those protesters better watch out because the authorities are going to crack down on them.”

            However the first honest to goodness report on the event itself appeared on September 19–three days after the initial day when several thousand showed up. Hardly timely reporting of the news.

            BlogPost : Wall Street protesters won’t leave financial avenue

            2011-09-19 - Elizabeth Flock, The Washington Post – Blog

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              Corporate Owned Media Reports on Occupy Wall Street

              September 30, 2011 in Media

              LA TIMES Journalism Report Card on Occupy Wall Street = F-

              This morning as  I read an article on Occupy Wall Street that appeared in the LA Times I was bitten by the curiosity bug and asked myself:  ”I wonder when they ran their first story on Occupy Wall Street?”  I found that the date was September 24– day 8 of the event.

              The following is the comment that I left for the LA Times:


              I researched when the LA Times began reporting on this important event of Occupy Wall Street.  Was there a mention of it on Saturday September 17 when the protest began and thousands of protesters showed up?  NO there was not.

              As a matter of fact, the first mention of this event was on September 24, the day that the police started their crackdown.  I guess Samuel Zell, a man who has made billions from the multilevel marketing scheme known as Wall Street and also owner of the LA Times thought that was the beginning of the end and thus it was OK to start reporting.

              Shame on all corporate sponsored media.  and Thank goodness for citizen journalists as well as foreign media such as the UK Guardian and Al Jazeera who actually do report the news as both of these media sources have been reporting from day one of Occupy Wall Street.


              Addendum on Samuel Zell and the LA Times:

              This is not the first time that the LA Times as well as other Corporate-owned media  have suppressed stories of citizen revolts.  If you will remember that during the Egyptian uprising there was a US mainstream media blackout on reporting from Egypt.  As I recall, Anderson Cooper from CNN was about the only US reporter covering the story. When he was criticized by the LA Times for his coverage of the Egyptian revolution, I did some research and found out why.   Then I published a piece on the topic on February 14, 2011 on my website and then again in my book, Behind the Curtain with the Hidden Persuaders which I published in August of this year.

              Samuel Zell – owner of LA Times

              In addition to the television and cable network ownership of the media, Wall Street millionaires and billionaires also own and control almost all the newsprint that we read in the USA.  For example, Samuel Zell is the billionaire owner of the Los Angeles Times.  Zell had a $220 million stake in business associated with Hosni Mubarak, the Egyptian dictator who was disposed by the Egyptian revolution in the spring of 2011. Samuel Zell, chairman of a number of public companies on the NYSE, made his billions through his private equity group.

              Zell had a 10 percent stake in a natural-gas consortium that was established to transport natural gas from Egypt to Israel and other countries.  Political pressure may lead Egypt to shut off the gas pipeline or assume ownership of the energy concern, jeopardizing Zell’s investment and Israel’s energy supplies.

              Indeed, many analysts such as David Wurmser of the Delphi Global Analysis Group reported that there is a strong possibility that Egypt will shut it off.  In 2006, Zell, a well-known supporter of Jewish causes, bought a stake in East Mediterranean Gas Co., and Egyptian-Israeli partnership that was symbolic of the peace accord of the two countries.  Before the political upheaval, the stake has risen in value as EMG grew to supply Israel with 20 percent of its energy needs.

              Following the Egyptian revolution, the majority owner of EMG, Egyptian businessman Hussein Salem, a close associate of Mubarak, fled Egypt to Dubai.

              With this background in mind, it is easy to understand why the Los Angeles Timescriticized Anderson Cooper harshly for his reporting on the Egyptian revolution.  Zell had everything to gain from a blackout of the news in Egypt.  If the rich had been able to manage that, then Mubarak’s thugs and hired criminals, along with the US trained Egyptian military, could have maintained control by murdering thousands of Egyptians with impunity.  Instead of Tahrir Square Democracy, it would have been Tiananmen Square Massacre II.

              People like Samuel Zell represent a clear conflict of interest when it comes to reporting the whole truth regarding news events—and that’s exactly why the whole truth is rarely forthcoming from any of the media that they control.  They, like many millionaire members of Congress, have a vested interest in not telling the whole truth.  Yes, it is that simple.  Yes, they do it all the time–hide the whole truth from the public.

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                Rick Perry is far more complex and even liberal than many might suspect.

                September 29, 2011 in Rick Perry

                Few people know who Rick Perry really is. The corporate media with their lack of imagination and seeming distaste for research, are bent on simplistic stereotyping of Perry as the dumb Texas Aggie who got C’s and D’s on his college report card.  But Gov. Perry is a river that runs much deeper than the shallow pictures they paint of him.

                 Griffin Perry

                In February of 2007, Perry’s son Griffin gets a job with UBS, one of two large financial firms consulting with the governor’s office over the possible sale of the Texas lottery.

                The governor’s office said that there is no connection between the two events and that Griffin Perry, 23, is a bright young economist who is pursuing a career on his own merits. ”He stands on his own two feet. And he got this job on his own,” Perry spokesman Robert Black told The Dallas Morning News. The younger Perry graduated from Vanderbilt University with an economics degree in May. He spent the summer and fall working on his father’s re-election campaign.

                Karina Byrne, a UBS spokeswoman, said Griffin Perry was hired for a program in which about a dozen entry-level employees rotate through various parts of the company. The company has 11 such programs nationwide. She said the fact that his father is governor would not have weighed into the calculation. [And who on earth would think that she would say otherwise?]

                Craig McDonald, director of the group Texans for Public Justice, which pushes for campaign finance changes, said the Griffin Perry hiring and its timing should raise questions. The brokering of a $14 billion lottery concession could mean tens of millions for the chosen firm.

                “Hiring the governor’s son seems to be a way to enamor yourself with the man at the top,” McDonald said. He said he recognized that it’s not always easy to pick your way through opportunities when you’re related to the governor. “But he doesn’t have to work for the firm that has a lot of potential business in front of his father,” McDonald said.  SOURCE

                BARK!  BARK!  Is this really all that different from Chelsea Clinton going to work for a Wall Street Hedge fund when she graduated from college?  You can bet that strings were pulled for that one as well.  After all, these rich kids need to learn how to manage all the money they will inherit someday.


                LOL.  I’ve often joked that one of Rick Perry’s skills is that he can outdo any strong point of his opponents.  For example, Debra Medina, a Tea Party Opponent who ran against Perry in 2010 for the Governor’s race, found this out first-hand.  By the time Perry was through with her, the people were thinking that Perry was the Tea Party candidate and Medina was the Republican.  Obama better look out or Perry will blindside him too and end up looking more liberal than Obama.


                Yes, in addition to being a professional political chameleon, Rick Perry is a first class coalition builder.  There was his Houston prayer rally –a perfect exposure of Perry as the good Christian to over 200,000 evangelicals. [In addition to 33,000 attendees, the entire day was live-streamed to 1,000 churches and live-streamed to over 100,000 people on the Internet.  Thus, 200,000 is a conservative (pardon the pun) estimate.]


                But those who like to portray Rick Perry as a narrow-minded bigot might be surprised to learn that he has more than once shown public support for the Muslim community. Now in Texas, that takes some big boots.

                Get a load of this press release and you will see what I mean:

                University of Texas and Aga Khan University Establish Historic Partnership

                Sign Memorandum of Understanding

                Saturday, April 12, 2008  •  Press Release

                AUSTIN – Gov. Rick Perry and His Highness the Aga Khan today participated in a display of unity and mutual respect at the State Capitol as the University of Texas at Austin and the Aga Khan University signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).

                The document establishes a partnership to solve shared challenges and achieve mutual goals.  “We can achieve so much more when we work together, focusing on the common values that unite us instead of the differences that make us unique,” said Gov. Perry. “We must bridge the gap of understanding between East and West if we ever hope to experience a future of peace and prosperity.”  MORE


                Yes, Perry is a friend of the Aga Khan, the religious leader of the Ismailis, a sect of Shia Islam that claims a reported 15 to 20 million adherents worldwide. Sprouting from that friendship are at least two cooperation agreements between the state of Texas and Ismaili institutions, including a far-reaching program to educate Texas schoolchildren about Islam.

                The Aga Khan, who claims a direct lineage to the Prophet Mohammed, controls a vast international network of business and philanthropic ventures; he is not a reclusive spiritual thinker, but rather a fabulously rich jet-setter. He has, for example, been married to two princesses. (His father was for a time married to the actress Rita Hayworth.) He reportedly owns 900 Thoroughbred race horses. And in 2010 Forbes put his net worth at $800 million. All of this has made the Aga Khan a fixture in the tabloids in the U.K., where he holds citizenship

                Perry met the Aga Khan during a 2000 family trip to Paris (the Aga Khan owns a large estate, Aiglemont, north of the city), the Austin American-Statesman reported in 2008. Two years later, Perry spoke warmly at a dinner in Houston hosted by the Aga Khan. Over the years the governor attended other Ismaili events in Texas, culminating in a pair of formal agreements.

                No doubt, there will be many who are surprised to learn that the “Texas Hick” has traveled abroad and spent time in Paris with exotic people like the Aga Khan.  Perry, in spite of his accent is not at all the hayseed that the press paint him to be.


                Note: There are ridiculous rumors on the Internet that Sydney Perry married one of the sons of Aga Khan.  Totally unfounded and silly.  Perry’s daughter lives in College Station in a home that her father owns.  She shares it with several roommates.


                So Perry has built coalitions with the Muslim Community (2.454,000), and the evangelicals (25 to 30 million voters)–anything else?  Yes, it appears that he may be building a coalition with the Hispanic community of the USA–35 million voters.

                Texas already has a Dream Act of sorts that allows undocumented students to pay in-state tuition provided they fulfill certain requirements of education and residency.  Perry also has stated that he does not believe in a wall on the border that would divide the United States and Mexico.

                The fact that Rick Perry called his Republican rivals “heartless” and used ethnically charged language to defend moderate parts of his immigration record will I’m sure  sit well with Hispanics.  Perry invoked race and ethnicity to defend the law that’s become known as the Texas Dream Act, saying: “The bottom line is, it doesn’t make any difference what the sound of your last name is. That is the American way.”

                And finally, in regard to the Hispanic population’s attraction to Rick Perry, I attended his Prayer Meeting in Houston and I would estimate that fully one third of the attendees were Hispanic.  It surprised me to the point that I commented on it to my friend because Hispanics are overwhelmingly Catholic–not evangelical.


                It’s ironic to think that of the two candidates, Rick Perry may be the more liberal.

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                  OCCUPY WALL STREET–A new way of organizing

                  September 29, 2011 in Civil Resistance

                  Today is the 13th Day of  Occupy Wall Street.  While the protest shows no sign of letting up, it appears that more and more of the corporate-run media are breaking down and reporting on the story–only because they know that if they continue to ignore a real story, they will lose what credibility they still have with the people.

                  TIME has even joined the ranks of those reporting on Occupy Wall Street.  Nate Rawlings wrote a piece titled:  Occupy Wall Street Protest:  12 Days and little Sign of Slowing Down.  [Today is actually the 13th day.]

                  To quote from the article:  ”. . .But while “Occupy Wall Street” has become more organized, its demands haven’t coalesced into a coherent message. The only thing its various constituent groups appear to have in common is a deep-seated anger at inequality in this country. . . Just as it lacks a single message, the “Occupy Wall Street” movement has been defined by the absence of a clear leader.  . .”

                  It must be the influence of our Germanic heritage–this demand/need to be organized and with a leader. (If you don’t have goals, how will you know when you arrive?  Movements without leaders are ships without rudders. etc. Our culture is filled with such platitudes. If you don’t have your daily planner, how can you possibly know who you are?)  And God knows, no one does top-down management better than Wall Street unless it is the members of the U.S. Congress.

                  Not only corporate media, but the Internet as well abounds with the criticism of the protesters as unorganized.  Some of the Occupiers pointed out to Mr. Rawlings the movement’s lack of organization was by design.  Perhaps this is the new way, the better way to organize, a more natural and organic way for movements to develop–organically, in a non-linear flow as opposed to the top-down leadership that we are so accustomed to: the leaders create the plan and then tell the rest of us how to get in line and follow their rules.  So much of the rules of our culture and particularly our educational system and its structure were derived from a rigid Prussian model.  Thus, I guess we should not be so surprised that central to all the criticism of Occupy Wall Street is that it is “disorganized”  or “lacking leadership.”

                  One of the advantages to following the organic model for the development of any system is that it allows time for the necessary adjustments and corrections to more naturally occur as the system develops. (For example, no leaders, no plan, for their camp at the park, but as the need arose for rules regarding trash and other regulations for keeping the park clean, they were published and distributed. They bubbled up to the surface as needed from various members of  the group as opposed to have been arbitrarily imposed by a written plan.)

                  The organic development model allows time for evolution whereas the top/down, imperialistic  model comes to the movement with the blueprints tucked under the arm of the appointed “leader.”  Often these plans contain rules that are not needed and also often do not contain some rules that may be necessary. These plans are often fashioned by “experts” much like a battle plan and often in what is called a “war room.”  The problem with such plans is that they are often inflexible and difficult to adjust when unexpected changes crop up when they are enacted in real time.  Another problem with these blueprints is that the majority of the people who will be carrying them out had little to do with their development.

                  Rawling reported in his article: “. . .The only thing its various constituent groups appear to have in common is a deep-seated anger at inequality in this country. . .”   My response to this statement:  Nothing binds a group more solidly than a common emotion regarding a particular, group or institution.  Anger, hatred and fear are very powerful emotions. Eventually these people will move onto solution(s) to alleviate these emotions.  To jump right into the solutions package (which is what the top down “General” leaders do)  diffuses the raw power of emotion and often renders their movement impotent.  This may explain why so many protests die on the vine and so few evolve into political movements that bring change.

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                    Clean Sweep for Democracy 2012

                    September 29, 2011 in 2012 Elections

                    Americans should be asking candidates: Do you own stock in Wall Street? If so, how much money and in what stocks are you invested? It is ABSURD that we have 82 members of Congress who are invested in General Electric and even more absurd that the President of the United States has the CEO of this freeloader, non-taxpaying Wall Street Corporation as one of his “financial advisors.” Just what does he advise Obama on? How better to rip off Main Street?

                    Wall Street promotes a version of the US economy that most resembles a multilevel marketing scheme. Some call it “the Free market”. The only thing “free” about it is the free ride that the wealthy are given–many of whom are Congressional members.

                    Owning stock in Wall Street is like saying that a little bit of corruption is OK.  No it is not. Those who own stock in Wall Street are part of the problem–regardless the size of  their holdings.


                    I finally decided on a campaign slogan this morning: Clean Sweep for Democracy 2012. I’ve registered the domain name and will have the site opened on Saturday October 15, 2012.  I’m not sure yet if the logo shown above with the broom will be the one that I finally settle upon.  For now it will serve as a placeholder. However, the slogan of the campaign, “Clean Sweep for Democracy 2012″ will be the slogan.  The main website address will be: or  perhaps as I’ve secured that domain as well as .net and .mobile.


                    I envision every single member of the House of Representatives swept out of Washington and replaced with Independent candidates who are members of the Majority class of the American people.

                    I define the majority economically as the 87% of Americans who earn less than $100,000 a year.  I know that every single U.S. Congressional District in the United States of America has at least one majority citizen candidate who can and will serve the majority of the people of that district better than their current representative and I am asking you all to step up to the plate for the people.


                    The website, Clean Sweep for Democracy 2012, will in part be my campaign site as I am following my own advice and running for U.S. Congress in the 32nd U.S. Congressional District of Texas.  However, information regarding my campaign will only be a corner of this website.  It will be open to all Independents running for U.S. Congress to post information who meet the following requirements:

                    1. Net Worth of Less than $1million

                    2. No ownership of Wall Street stock

                    3. Annual income of candidate is under $100,000

                    4. Agrees to take money only from people who live in the district.

                    5. Agrees to take no more than $500 from any one voter

                    6. Agrees to keep total campaign expenses at under $50,000

                    7. Is qualified to run as an Independent for U.S. Congress in his/her state and has either already filed to run as an independent, or  will file according to the date and requirements of the state in which they reside.


                    The United States of America has 435 Congressional Districts.  The average number of people in each district is 646,946.  (Please note that if each one of them only gave you $2, you would have over $1million in your campaign chest and most races can be won with $10,000 or less.  It’s all about volunteers.)    The number of seats varies from state to state.  For example, Alabama has 7 districts while Texas has 36 districts.  California has the most with 53 districts. A few states only have one district:  Alaska, Delaware, Montana, North Dakota, Vermont and Wyoming.  With the exceptions of Delaware and Vermont, it will be a tough row to plow for Independents for U.S. Congress who run in any of these other one-district states–but tough does not mean impossible.  Go here for more detail on the U.S. Congressional Districts.


                    If you are thinking about running for the office of U.S. Representative, here is some additional reading to help you decide and move you forward.

                    So You Think You Want to Run for Office

                    Independent’s Platform for U.S. Congress 2012

                    Independents Can Win

                    Proclaim the Queen!