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The Three-Ring Corporate-Sponsored Media Circus serves the rich well

June 30, 2011 in 2012 Elections

Brought to You by Your Global Wall Street Multi-Level Marketing Con Artists and their Political Sideshow Bobs from Both Parties

Source:  Wiki Commons:  Library of Congress, 1900, Author The Strobridge Litho. Co., Cincinnati & New York.

Yes, our Congress and Corporate media are best represented by a three-ring circus.  Yes, it’s confusing.  It’s called “purposeful obfuscation.”  And yes it is no accident.  Your elected officials in Washington DC, the corporate-owned media, and Wall Street CEOs planned it that way.

If the USA economic system that is alive and thriving (at least for the rich) were to be illustrated by a business model, it would most resemble that of a multilevel marketing scheme like Amway. The multilevel marketing business model is shaped like a pyramid.  The winners (400 of the richest families in the USA) are at the apex of the triangle.  As it spreads down to the lower levels toward the base more and more members are found.

The con that those in the upper levels play on those in levels beneath them is that “If you work hard like I did, you too can be rich like me.” And like all cons, this is a con too.  A few very determined souls do scratch their way to one of the higher levels and/or like the nickel slot machine player, the house allows a few more to hit it big.  However, the model only works if there are enough suckers on the bottom levels to pay the way for the wealthy free-loaders in the upper tiers. That is why this model is broken for the majority.  The majority will never make it up from the bottom.  The owners have arranged it that way.  If the majority win, then they lose.

Currently, the top tier players of our multilevel Wall Street Centric System control both parties, the media, and Congress.

What they don’t control, not in the strictest sense of the word, are the votes.

Thus, if we are to have representation of the majority, we must turn away from all mainstream media and BOTH parties.  We must begin now to find replacements for every single member of the House of Representatives in 2012.

The first question that all Americans should be asking of their elected officials is:  What is the value of the Wall Street stock that you own and in what corporations are you invested?

If at all possible, vote for a candidate who owns no Wall Street Stock–and that includes their spouse.

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    Bahrain moves trials to civilian courts

    June 30, 2011 in Bahrain

    Bahrain on Thursday stopped bringing anti-government protesters to trial at a special tribunal with military prosecutors, a lawyer said, ending a practice criticized as unfair by rights activists and the Gulf kingdom’s Western allies.

    A hearing in the case of 20 doctors set for Thursday was canceled, the lawyer said, speaking on condition of anonymity for fear of jeopardizing clients in custody.

    The decision to shift trials to civilian courts comes as Sunni rulers try to open reconciliation talks with the Shiite-led opposition. Washington has encouraged dialogue in the island nation, home to the U.S. Navy’s 5th Fleet, and had urged the monarchy to meet some of the opposition’s demands.  SOURCE:  MSNBC


    iflizwerequeen comments

    I think this is a significant move.  We shall see in regard to how public these trials become.

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      Further indications Perry is soon to throw his hat into presidential ring.

      June 30, 2011 in 2012 Elections

      The next GOP presidential debate scheduled for 9 July in Nevada was called off.  As reported from the Guardian UK, it is believed that it was called off because they are waiting for Rick Perry to throw his hat into the center ring of the circus.

      I have predicted that we won’t have much longer to wait. On June 28 I predicted that Perry will make the announcement on the Fourth of July.

      FROM THE GUARDIAN UK [Isn't it funny how often we have to read foreign media to find out what is happening in our own country?]

      “A funny thing happened on the way to the next GOP presidential debate, scheduled for 9 July in Nevada, a key Republican battleground state. Grover Norquist, the founder of Americans for Tax Reform, which helped organise the event, abruptly called it off. Why? Officially, because a number of GOP candidates had yet to confirm their attendance, Norquist said. But the real reason?

      Texas Governor Rick Perry, whom many Republicans are coming to view as their party’s possible “saviour” in 2012, hasn’t yet jumped into the race. And they don’t want to have a debate unless Perry – who’s got the best job creation record [however fake]  of any sitting governor – is there to steal the show. . . .”   MORE

      Further indications Perry is soon to throw his hat into presidential ring.

      June 30, 2011 By: admin Category: 2012 Elections Edit

      The next GOP presidential debate scheduled for 9 July in Nevada was called off.  As reported from the Guardian UK, it is believed that it was called off because they are waiting for Rick Perry to throw his hat into the center ring of the circus.

      I have predicted that we won’t have much longer to wait. On June 28 I predicted that Perry will make the announcement on the Fourth of July.


      Of course there is always the chance that Perry “pretty” face like Palin who is trying to hold the limelight as long as possible and has no intentions of running, but I doubt it.  I think that Perry is just making sure that he has the big bucks behind him before he throws his hat into the ring.

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        Are you still drinking Milk? Here’s a story for you.

        June 30, 2011 in Class War

        Maybe we will get to the day when nothing is labeled. We will if continue to vote for our corporate Wall Street Party of One. Start finding better solutions now! And speaking of wealthy Wall Street Corporate investors and Monsanto, did you realize that no less than 30 of the elected officials in Congress own Monsanto stock?  Here is a list of the stocks that your elected officials own.

        Did you know that it is likely that you are drinking Monsanto’s genetically engineered hormonal milk (rBGH)? But you don’t even get to decide because the elected officials who are supposed represent you voted in 1994 to allow the sale of unlabeled rBGH milk.

        The FDA approved the sale of unlabeled rBGH milk in February of 1994 (Democratic Congress and Bill Clinton President–not that a Republican leadership would have proved any different, but to dispel any notions of Democratic leadership as “for the people.”)

        Monsano’s genetically modified milk was ruled unsafe by the United Nations in 1999.

        The Codex Alimentarius Commission, the U.N. Food Safety Agency representing 101 nations worldwide, ruled unanimously in 1999 in favor of the 1993 European moratorium on Monsanto’s genetically engineered hormonal milk (rBGH). This unexpected ruling was not surprisingly greeted by the U.S. press with deafening silence as  it was a powerful blow against U.S. global trade policies which are strongly influenced by powerful multi-national corporations, such as Monsanto.

        The genetically engineered hormone (rBGH) manufactured by Monsanto, has sparked a controversy nationwide since its introduction to the marketplace. Sometimes referred to as Bovine Somatotropin (rBST), the bioengineered hormone is injected in the cows every other week to force the cows to produce more milk than their bodies normally would.

        HMMMMMM I wonder if there is a connection between children who drink milk and early onset of puberty?  I don’t know, but I just did a search on “rBGH and early onset of puberty” and got 5,870 results.  I do know that early onset of puberty is a huge issue worldwide with girls reported as showing signs as early as 7 or 8 years of age.


        Monsanto is suing dairy farmers for daring to advertise that their products do not contain growth hormones!

        That is just about typical in our upside-down world of Wall Street corporate greed.  They sue those who dare to try to protect the majority.

        The Anonymous news wire recently tweeted that Monsanto is suing local dairy farmers for advertising their products do not contain growth hormones. [Note:  this link is to an article that was published in 2003. I guess Anonymous hold grudges going way back.  They've got a lot of work cut out for themselves to right wrongs done by Wall Street corporations, even going back for one year. Note: further research reveals there are many more recent cases of Monsanto suing small farmers.   Here is a more recent link.]

        Anonymous forms splinter cell to launch an attack “more serious than a DDOS” against Monsanto after the company filed lawsuits against organic farmers for labeling their product as not containing growth hormones.

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          Military Contracts in Iraq are still controversial.

          June 29, 2011 in Wall Street

          Subcontracting Substandard Services

          Military Contracts in Iraq Still Controversial

          by David Isenberg, Special to CorpWatch

          June 27th, 2011

          Najlaa International Catering Services won a $3 million five-year contract in February 2010 to prepare food for the U.S. Agency for International Development compound in Iraq. The deal was approved despite the fact that Bill Baisey, CEO of the Kuwaiti company, faces numerous complaints and court actions for non-payment of bills and alleged fraud in Kuwait and Iraq.

          U.S. wars in Afghanistan and Iraq have been plagued by private military contractors that have performed poorly or failed miserably in fulfilling their contracts. Some overstated their capabilities or were badly managed and under-skilled, while others committed outright fraud.

          Past investigations concentrated on major contractors such as Halliburton and Kellogg, Brown and Root (KBR), but recently the smaller companies – such as Najlaa – to which these giants subcontract have drawn fire.

          Iflizwerequeen comments

          This highlights one of many of the problems with large government contractors like KBR.  It’s the same problem with the business model for all Wall Street Corporations, and that problem regards the degrees of separation between the investors and how their money is being used to generate their quarterly dividends. For example, while most investors (although not all) would be aware that they own stock in KBR.  However, it is highly unlikely that many of them know or even care regarding to whom KBR farms out pieces of their huge government contracts.  Najlaa International Catering Services?  Whoever heard of them. So what if they don’t pay their employees?  So what if they use slave labor?  Out of sight out of mind.

          This cloak of invisibility provides a perfect backdrop for abuse. I live in the USA.  I have almost no way of knowing for sure what was actually done to earn my quarterly dividends, but you can bet you ass with a high degree of certainty that for each dividend check that is delivered, another human being was harmed or cheated in some way–in some cases they may have even been murdered.

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            EGYPT BREAKING NEWS! Cairo street clashes leave more than 1,000 injured

            June 29, 2011 in Egypt

            Wed. June 29. The Guardian UK reports that the fiercest street fighting seen in central Cairo since the fall of Hosni Mubarak  has left more than 1,000 people injured, as popular dissatisfaction with the military-led transitional government boiled over into violence.

            Several thousand people clashed with heavily armed riot police in and around Tahrir Square on Tuesday night, leading to dozens of arrests.

            The Supreme Council of the Armed Forces blamed “sedition” for the unrest and vowed to hunt down those responsible. Throughout Tuesday night and yesterday morning protesters chanted demands for the resignation of Egypt’s de facto leader, Field Marshall Mohammed Hussein Tantawi, as security forces fired tear gas and rubber bullets into the crowds.

            The demonstrations follow five months of accumulated frustration among many sections of the Egyptian public over the slow pace of reform since an 18-day uprising toppled Mubarak and ushered in a military junta, which has promised to hand over power to a democratically elected civilian government later this year.  READ THE WHOLE STORY AT THE GUARDIAN.

            iflizwerequeen comments

            I see this as a good thing.  The people are not going to settle for more of the same.  The military class are part of the leftovers from Mubarak’s regime–they belonged to the same club.

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              Hacktivists Anonymous are going after Orlando’s city website

              June 29, 2011 in Class War

              Hacktivists Anonymous are launching a full-fledged attack on Orlando, Florida, vowing to take down a city-related website every day starting tomorrow.

              This threat, reported by the Washington Post, targets the Disney World domain after arrests were made earlier this month against members of a non-profit group. 12 Orlando activists from Food Not Bombs, a national collective that cooks for the homeless and offers up free meals in parks, usually without a permit, were arrested earlier this June after distributing food to the needy.

              Only days before Anonymous’ threat, the group’s leader, Keith McHenry, was arrested for trespassing on a public park in the city and setting up literature.

              According to Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer, the activists charged for helping out the homeless are “food terrorists.”

              To Food Not Bombs, however, they are only helping out the unfortunate as tax dollars are spent on unjust causes. On their official website, the group asks, “With over a billion people going hungry each day how can we spend another dollar on war?”



              iflizwerequeen comments

              What an upside-down world we live in.  People get arrested for feeding the poor while Wall Street Banksters like Lloyd Blankfein of Goldman Sachs are paid millions for starving millions of people to death in 2008.  For that story, go here.

              A meeting of the Wall Street Minds at the Trough – iflizwerqueen graphic

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                Tell Congress to oppose the Colombia trade deal

                June 29, 2011 in Colombia

                Vicious attacks against Afro-Colombians and trade unionists who are simply striving for better working and living conditions continue unabated. Behind the PR blitz ginned up here to pass the NAFTA-style trade deal with Colombia, the grim reality in Colombia is more assassinations, death threats, forced displacements and union busting.

                Tell your member of Congress to oppose the Colombia trade deal and protect the rights of Colombian workers.

                Every members of Congress considering voting for this trade deal should be sat down and forced to listen to what is really happening.

                It’s a shocking contrast to the Obama administration’s pronouncements about how the Colombian government has complied with an “Action Plan” to protect workers and ensure international labor rights. Two more murders were announced even as the “Action Plan” was “completed.” Bosses still refusing to hire workers rather than forcing them to work as “independent contractors” with no rights. All the while the government ignores rampant violations of basic labor rights.

                While the administration is trying to justify passage of the Colombia trade deal, workers in Colombia are struggling to provide for their families with paltry wages. We heard in chilling detail about how right now the efforts to organize for better working conditions are often met with violence and at best indifference from the government.

                Stand up for human rights. Don’t let Congress pass the Colombia trade deal.

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                  Greek parliament passes austerity package

                  June 29, 2011 in Greece

                  The European Union has many hurdles in front of it besides Greece. Countries such as Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Italy, and Belgium are just a few countries that could face the same crisis as Greece in the near future.


                  But the biggest hurdle is for the Greek people who have been sold out to the rich.

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                    What would it look like if Congress really cared about anyone but themselves?

                    June 29, 2011 in Class War

                    One thing is certain, it would’t look like this:


                    What would it look like if the millionaire plutocrats in Congress  and the White House stopped pretending that the only solution to our Debt is to take more from those who can least afford it?

                    They would stop quibbling over cutting benefits on Seniors whose Social Security income averages $1,000 a month and champion Real Solutions to the National Debt.

                    1. They would end the $2 billion dollar a week war in Afghanistan.  BINGO!  $104 billion in one year

                    2. The would end all but the $500 million in farm subsidies paid to small farmers who still live on their land.  BINGO!  $19 billion in one year.

                    3. They would see to it that taxes that are owed but not paid are collected.  BINGO! In the USA tax evasion added $3 trillion to the deficit over the past decade alone, an average of $300 billion a year, according to IRS data. This isn’t revenue lost from legal tax write-offs, like the mortgage interest deduction. It’s not even, as the IRS notes, “taxes that should have been paid on income from the illegal sector of the economy.” That $300 billion represents the amount of revenue lost from people deliberately cheating on their taxes every year. This includes underreporting income, hidden offshore bank accounts, sham trusts, and other ways to illegally stiff the IRS.

                    4.They would take back what’s left of that $100 billion the American Taxpayers forked over to IMF in 2009 and use it to create jobs to repair the crumbling infrastructure of the USA


                    Do you want change?  Then vote like you want change in 2012 and start electing people whose incomes better reflect your own!

                    Do you want to know why these solutions listed above are not likely to be implemented?  Do you know why the Bush tax cuts were extended?  Look no further than the wealth of the people who vote on these measures and then stop pretending that it is not a class war and elect your peers to Congress in 2012 or run for office yourself.  Stop pretending that the 3,000,000 millionaires in the USA outnumber the 146,311,00 registered voters.

                    While the economy has generally faltered over the past two years, congressional members actually saw their collective personal wealth increase by more than 16 percent between 2008 and 2009, according to a study from the Center for Responsive Politics, which analyzed financial disclosure data released earlier this year.

                    The list of Congress’ wealthiest members is bipartisan. In the House, five Democrats and five Republicans make up the 10 wealthiest members, while in the Senate, six Democrats and four Republicans make up the top 10.

                    The median wealth of a House member in 2009 stood at $765,010, while the median wealth for a senator in 2009 was nearly $2.38 million.

                    Look at some of the plutocrats from the freshman crop to the House of Representatives:  Diane Lynn Black of Tennessee ($49.4 million), Rick Berg of North Dakota ($39.2 million), Blake Farenthold of Texas ($35.8 million), Scott Rigell of Virginia ($29.9 million), James Renacci of Ohio ($28.4 million), Steve Pearce of New Mexico ($23.2 million), and Richard Hanna of New York ($22.1 million).

                    Do you really think that most millionaires are going to vote against their own stock portfolios? Don’t hold your breath.  Yes this is a class war and if you want to continue to pretend like you are millionaire, then go ahead and continue to elect them to office.

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