Fox News Nazi Double Standards: OK if our pundits and right-wingnuts use it, but not OK if progressives use it

April 5, 2009 at 10:19 am in Conservative Nonsense by IfLizWereQueen

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Queen’s Comments: I’m sure you’ve read or watched on television at least a few minutes of the ranting and ravings of wingnuts like Michelle Bachmann and Glenn Beck calling our current government fascists and comparing them to Hitler.

Fox News needs to remember its own self-righteous indignation and threats of imprisonment when progressives applied the same analogy to the Bush administration a few years ago.  My god,  they were suggesting that these people be put in prison for being “disloyal Americans.”  Now today, they are using the same rants against an American President.  Should we perhaps follow their advice and put THEM in jail? Michelle Bachmann has actually advised people to follow a violent course of action against our government.

Jim Naureckas has published an article in FAIR on this very topic.

It is titled:  Remember when Fox News Thought that Nazi Analogies were a Bad Thing?

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