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August 23, 2013 at 9:49 am in Issues by IfLizWereQueen

Iflizwerequeen Skyped at home: 10-16-2013

IFLIZWEREQUEEN –A Citizen from the 32nd US Congressional District of Texas.

Welcome to my life and opinions.

Take what you can use and disregard the rest.

It seems there are still folks out there who don’t realize they too are rulers of their own kingdom.  But hey, without people like them, we would never hear all those great “he/she done me wrong songs” coming out of Nashville..

Welcome to my world.   I hope you enjoy at least some of what you read.  If not, well, then diversity is what makes the world spin. So Muchas gracias for keeping things in motion.

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    October 28, 2014 at 1:01 pm in Uncategorized by IfLizWereQueen

    It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted on this site.

    In the time that has passed, I’ve changed my viewpoint considerably when it comes to politics.

    It is my belief now that national and state politics are both lost causes.

    The only hope for real change and the only hope for an average citizen to influence political outcomes is at the local level.

    National and state political are sideshows paid for by the extremely wealthy.  These sideshows have two primary purposes:  1) To distract us from paying attention to our local communities where we can implement real change that will eventually impact them and 2) to keep us at our own throats bickering over such stupidities as the notion there is any real difference between the leadership of the Democrat and Republican parties.

    I’ll be writing more soon.

    If you are interested in what I’ve been doing over the past year, please visit my site at Eat Green DFW and view some of my archived articles.

    Or visit another of my websites:  Loving Garland Green

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      If you are looking for the finest dining in Dallas . . .

      December 13, 2013 at 9:24 pm in American Lifestyle, Culture by IfLizWereQueen

      OpenTable published its list of the “2013 Best Restaurants in America,” as voted by diners. Open Table, the free-to-diners online restaurant-reservations site, collected 5 million “restaurant reviews from “verified Open Table diners” to assemble its Diners’ Choice Awards for the Top 100 Best Restaurants in America. Thirty states and the District of Columbia are represented.

      Two Dallas restaurants made the cut:  Capital Grille and The French Room.  The French Room is the swanky, old-school restaurant in the Adolphus hotel, where you can have a $475 caviar tasting course.  The only other Texas spots on the list are Chez Nous French Restaurant in Humble and Rudy & Paco Restaurant & Bar in Galveston.


      • Steak Tartare with Truffle Deviled Egg

        A classic favorite with a new presentation.

      • Prosciutto Wrapped Mozzarella with Vine Ripe Tomatoes

        Lightly sautéed and served with crisp crostini and 15-year aged balsamic.

      • Smoked Salmon

        Served with capers and dill mayonnaise alongside onion pita crisps.

      • Lobster and Crab Cakes

        Seasoned with hints of bold dry mustard and sweet red pepper.

      • Fresh Oysters on the Half Shell

        Served on ice with mignonette sauce.

      • Shrimp Cocktail

        Fresh jumbo shrimp served with our spicy, house-made cocktail sauce.

      • Pan-Fried Calamari with Hot Cherry Peppers

        Our signature appetizer. Crisp and golden with a fiery flavor.

      • Cold Shellfish Platter
        Chilled 1lb lobster, Shrimp Cocktail and Oysters on the half shell.
      • Grand Plateau

      Jumbo Lump Crab, North Atlantic Lobster, Shrimp Cocktail, Oysters on the Half Shell


      Hotel Adolphus – The French Room

      1321 Commerce Street
      Dallas, Texas 75202

      Friday hours: 6:00pm – 9:30pm

      View Menu

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        December 13, 2013 at 6:02 pm in Local by IfLizWereQueen

        Order your fully-cooked, organic and locally sourced Holiday Dinner Today

        Greenville Avenue’s Green Grocer is preparing fully-cooked, organic and locally sourced holiday dinners with 5-side and 8-side packages available as well as a la carte options.  Meat offerings include choice of fully cooked pasture raised turkey breasts or hams.

        Side options include artichoke, spinach and brie dressing, creamed kale, Brussels sprouts with bacon, whipped sweet potatoes with walnuts, caramelized carrots and more.  Paleo, gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan options available as well as freshly baked breads, pies, paleo chocolate brownie cake and holiday friendly wines and beers.

        Prices for a la carte vary $6.99-$24.99, 5-dishes plus either turkey breast or ham (turkey breasts are approximately 5-6 lbs. each, smoked boneless hams are approximately 6-7 lbs. each) is $169.99 with 8-sides is $229.99.  Orders must be placed by December 18 and can be picked up December 24 between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.

        Green Grocer is an intimate neighborhood market featuring organically grown and locally produced food products and specialty items. Close relationships with farmers and producers supports the local economy and decreases transportation costs and emissions and gives customers the freshest, most delicious foods available.

        In partnership with Artizone.com, the local online order and home delivery service, Green Grocer products can be delivered direct to your door.  Green Grocer is located at 3614 Greenville Avenue.  Hours of operation are 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. daily.  For more information go to www.GreenGrocerDallas.com or call 214-643-6209.

        Featured Link



        This Saturday Dec 14:  Dorey Aromatherapy!

        When Sat, December 14, 2:30pm – 6:00pm
        DescriptionPick up these delightful, locally produced organic body products! They make the perfect gift for yourself or a loved one.

        Jeni’s Ice Cream with Will

        When Sat, December 14, 2:30pm – 5:30pm
        Where Green Grocer Dallas (map)
        DescriptionTaste the awesomeness of Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream with Will!

        Dog Adoption Event at the store!

        When Sat, December 21, 10am – 2pm
        DescriptionJoin DFW Furgotten Friends and Cody’s Friends Rescue as they work to place dogs in loving, “forever” homes. If you would be a kind and responsible pet parent, consider adopting (not purchasing) a dog that needs a home. What a perfect Christmas gift to give to a sweet animal!

        JJ&B Preserves tasting!

        WhenSat, December 21, 10am – 1pm
        DescriptionTry some of these fantastic locally made preserves. They are silly good! Perfect for your pantry or pick up a few for stocking stuffers for the upcoming holidays!
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          The unfinished work of America

          December 13, 2013 at 11:02 am in Class War, Economy by IfLizWereQueen

          William Joseph Brennan, Jr. was an American jurist who served as an Associate Justice of the United States Supreme Court from 1956 to 1990


          “Toward the end of Justice Brennan’s tenure on the Supreme Court, he made a speech that went to the heart of the matter.  He said:

          “We do not yet have justice, equal and practical, for the poor, for the members of minority groups, for the criminally accused, for the displaced persons of the technological revolution, for alienated youth, for the urban masses… Ugly inequities continue to mar the face of the nation. We are surely nearer the beginning than the end of the struggle.”

          And so we are. One hundred and fifty years ago, Abraham Lincoln stood on the blood-soaked battlefield of Gettysburg and called Americans to “the great task remaining.”  That “unfinished work,” as he named it, remained the same then as it was when America’s founding generation began it. And it remains the same today: to breathe new life into the promise of the Declaration of Independence and to assure that the Union so many have sacrificed to save is a union worth saving.”


          This excerpt was taken from a speech delivered by Bill Moyers   at the Brennan Center for Justice December 12, 2013 Legacy Awards Dinner.  As I’ve stated more than once on this site and elsewhere, “the great task remaining” is for us to take up our plows, not our guns, and start growing our food locally.  Those who don’t know by now that Washington DC is a lost cause need to wake up and start leveraging green from their front lawns. Urban agriculture and returning our nation to a plant-based, not oil-based, economy is our only hope for prosperity.  Don’t expect those who continue to profit from the status quo to be the ones who will change it.

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            Greg Abbott Chosen by Progress Texas as the worst Texan of 2013

            December 13, 2013 at 10:37 am in Politics by IfLizWereQueen

            Progress Texas has listed the top 10 worst Texans for 2013.  Number on on their list is Greg Abbott who is running for governor in 2014.  Visit their site to view the other 9.


            - See more at: http://progresstexas.org/blog/top-10-worst-texans-2013#sthash.rEzYCJVY.dpuf


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              The NSA knows more about us than Santa

              December 12, 2013 at 9:41 pm in Political Humor by IfLizWereQueen

              The good news is that the tide is turning in the fight to rein in all this runaway surveillance. Right now, there is legislation pending in the House and Senate that would go a long way to stopping the worst of the NSA excesses. So we need to turn up the pressure on Congress, which blindly gave the NSA too much spying power in the first place.

              If we’re going to get past this last hurdle, we need to stand together and send our representatives in Washington a crystal clear message: Americans stand opposed to this blatant abuse of power.

              Sign the petition and let’s push Congress to get in gear to end the secret surveillance state now.

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                Holiday Shopping Humor

                December 11, 2013 at 5:26 pm in Humor by IfLizWereQueen

                Get a signed print of this cartoon from the artist. Follow Jen on Twitter at @JenSorensen

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                  The Benefits of Food Gardens

                  December 10, 2013 at 7:25 pm in Urban Agriculture by IfLizWereQueen

                  We at “Loving Garland Green” are a group of local people, neighbors, in fact, who all live in the same municipal district 8 of Garland Texas–the Coomer Creek group on NextDoor.  We are just about ready to launch a nonprofit organization that we are founding together.  This organization will be open to all residents of our city–even those who do not live in our municipal district. Our organization is a member-directed nonprofit.  Essentially, this means the power rests with a quorum of the majority of members who elect officers of the board.  We will partner with employees of our local city government in managing a community garden located at 4022 Naaman School Road in Garland.  We hope, though our efforts at the community garden and by hosting other community events, and through the information available on our website (opening Christmas Day) to promote the importance of individual citizens growing food in their yards.  In fact, one of our stated goals is to ensure that by the end of 2015 Garland will have no less than 50,000 gardens within our city limits.  We believe that by increasing the number of gardeners in our community we will enrich and grow our local economy as well as raise the health consciousness of the people who live here in Garland.

                  I was happy tonight to read a post in Eat Green DFW regarding a film titled GROWING CITIES.  GROWING CITIES is a feature-length documentary that examines the role of urban farming in America and asks how much power it has to revitalize our cities and change the way we eat. It was bankrolled by a Kickstarter campaign and is due to be released to communities in 2014.  The film follows two friends on their journey across the country as they meet the men and women who are challenging the way this country grows and distributes its food, one vacant city lot, rooftop garden, and backyard chicken coop at a time. Below is a partial view of an infographic  the two filmakers created with Sustainable America regarding the benefits of urban farming.  Be sure to visit Eat Green DFW to view the entire infographic and also  view the trailer for GROWING CITIES.


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                    Union Made in America Holiday Gift and Stocking Stuffer Guide

                    December 9, 2013 at 12:09 pm in Economy, Labor Struggles by IfLizWereQueen


                    Going searching for that perfect holiday gift? Make sure it’s union made in America. Check out this Made in America, union-made gift guide. Here are some highlights from the Los Angeles County Federation of Labor’s resource site, Labor 411. Gifts include those made by members of UNITE HERE, Boilermakers (IBB), Bakery, Confectionery, Tobacco Workers and Grain Millers (BCTGM), Machinists (IAM), United Steelworkers (USW), Teamsters (IBT), UAW, United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW), the Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union/UFCW (RWDSU/UFCW) and United Farm Workers (UFW).

                    Apparel and Accessories

                    Brooks Brothers (UNITE HERE)


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                      TELL THE USDA TO DO THEIR JOB! NO GE APPLES!

                      November 25, 2013 at 3:27 pm in Local, Urban Agriculture by IfLizWereQueen


                      When life gives you lemons, you don’t need GE apples

                      The biotech industry is trying to invade school lunches! Industry has developed a genetically engineered apple that doesn’t brown when it’s sliced. It’s a big risk with little benefit. Tell USDA to reject the GE apple!

                      After decades of promises from the biotech industry that genetically engineered (GE) food would feed the world, cure the sick, reduce agricultural dependence on toxic chemicals, and save countless crops from imminent collapse, industry is poised to finally release a product they think will solve a problem humans have struggled with for centuries… an apple that doesn’t brown when you slice it… Seriously; we couldn’t make this stuff up.

                      A public comment period on the GE apple is open through December 9th

                      GE apples are being touted as the best thing since…well, since sliced apples. In our homes, we just add a little lemon juice. Gosh! We have been living in the Stone Age!

                      While these GE apples are a waste of time and money, we don’t want to downplay the real concerns about them. Pre-sliced apples are actually a frequently recalled food product. Once the whole fruit is sliced, it has an increased risk of exposure to pathogens. Since browning is a sign that apples are no longer fresh, “masking” this natural signal could lead people to consume contaminated apples, which is why some folks are calling it the “botox apple.”

                      Further, since FDA does no independent, pre-market safety testing of GE food there are several unanswered questions about the safety of GE apples. “Silencing” the genes that make apples turn brown when exposed to oxygen could have unintended consequences that will only be tested by hungry consumers. Although these “botox apples” are primarily targeted to the fresh-sliced apple market they could also find their way into non-GE juice, baby foods or apple sauce at the processing level, all products predominantly eaten by children and babies who are at increased risk for any adverse health effects.

                      Tell USDA parents do not want to feed their kids GE apples.

                      Like other GE products in the U.S., no mandatory labeling would be required. While Okanagan (the manufacturer) says they’ll require growers to label their whole apples as “Arctic variety,” the government has announced no plans to require labeling of these apples as GE. If approved, Okanagan’s non-browning “Arctic” apple would be first commercialized in Granny Smith and Golden Delicious varieties, with Fuji and Gala on the horizon.

                      Even the apple industry has opposed this genetically engineered product.  The U.S. Apple Association, Northwest Horticultural Council (which represents Washington apple growers, who grow over 60% of the apples in the U.S.), British Columbia Fruit Growers Association and other grower groups have already voiced their disapproval of these GE apples due to the negative impact they could have on farmers growing organic and non-GE apples through contamination, and to the image of the apple industry as a whole.

                      If the apple industry doesn’t want GE apples, and consumers don’t want GE apples, who do these apples really benefit? As usual, this product only benefits the biotech industry and big food processing companies.

                      Tell USDA to Reject this GE Apple! Comments are due December 9th, so please sign the petition today.

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